Sleepy Night Owl

The last time I did any talk radio was ten years ago, when I was promoting Muddy Tracks. Doing “Coast to Coast AM” this morning was very interesting, showing me :

1) I’m not as young as I used to be! Staying up from about 1 a.m. has taken it out of me, though it will be a while before I am able to sleep.

2)  George Noory is a nice guy, just like Alex Merklinger and the others I interacted with in 2001.

3) The show has tremendous draw. The Cosmic Internet was down to 7,044 at 6 a.m., better than any of my other books has ever done.

4) Radio would be a great place for someone with ADHD! Although we spoke on and off for the better part of three hours, the interruptions caused by commercial breaks made it feel like George and I never got finished with any one topic.

5) People’s awareness has advanced a lot in ten years, judging from the questions. Good thing!



13 thoughts on “Sleepy Night Owl

  1. Frank, I really enjoyed your perspective and understanding of who we are and why we are. I think we are all connected… you have been able to re-connect and explain it all. Thank you. My next web search will be on Amazon for your book(s). By the way, I don’t have a TV either and am much better because of that.


  2. Frank,

    Enjoyed the show last night, but as for your communications with Papa, I don’t know, since I am his reincarnated soul.

    Certain things lead me to this:

    he was born July 21
    I was born July 12, five years after his suicide

    both Cancers

    the close name lineage — Hemingway and Hemmingson come from the same family line

    when I first read Papa’s work as a teenager, I knew the stories. I knew how they would end from the first sentence. I remembered, in a way, these stories and books.

    my own writing style, in my published books and stories, has been compared to Hem’s, the terse and minimal style.

    (On a side note, I have received a Hemingway Fellowship to the Kennedy library in the past, have contributed to The Hemingway Review, and have a study forthciming from Rowman and Littlefield that uses the theory of self-psychology to examine the first four books.)

    Then again, in the realm of the men upstairs, there is no linear time or space, so I suppose I could be incarnated in one body now as well as speak to you from Above….? 😉


    1. This is comparing apples and oranges, though. As you’ll see in the book, the guys say that our ideas of reincarnation are skewed by our wrong definitions of ourselves as units rather than as communities being held together by a present ringmaster — what we usually define as the ego.
      You might take a look at the various Hemingway communications that I have posted to this site over the past few years and see if any of it resonates. I’d be interested to know.

  3. A very enjoyable program. I listen to George off and on during the night as don’t sleep well. Am not a natural night owl, but have become one. I thought you had some interesting things to think about. Carry on.

  4. Hello Frank,
    I heard you on Coast to Coast last night. Great interview I’m so interested about your new book. I have a radio show myself, Tues and Thursday 6-8 pm EST. I’ld love for you to come on and talk about yourself and your books.
    It’s an independant radio station, so there wont be so many interuptions. I’ld love for the change for you to finish a thought.

    I hope you’ll give it some thought. Thanks so much

  5. When bedtime came I found myself unable to sleep, so I dug out a radio and listened to the show. I found both you and George to be interesting and engaging speakers.

    I had to laugh about your point (4) of never finishing a topic — it really seemed like you both were on a virtual internet: you’d start a subject, and then come across an interesting thought (link) and next thing I knew, one of you had “clicked” on it and we were off on yet another topic. It certainly never let the conversation drag, which was a good thing for that time of night.

    Great job!


  6. Hi Frank. You were very engaging the other night… i tried to phone in to the show… you answered a lot of questions, but created a few in doing so… maybe i will get lucky and you have some information to share…

    1. if you don’t believe in coincidences (george chimed in with fate here). and you DO believe we are here to “choose, choose, choose” how can i extract the contradiction you created by saying these things?

    2. if we are here to prepare our mind and make choices of who we are to become… how does the science of evolution and are privative brained ancestors interact with this theory.

    thanks for your time and energy if you have a chance to discuss a little bit.

  7. Frank, Great show on Coast the other night. Your thoughts, observations, and perspective were loudly echoing my own. There were dozens of points you made that were words taken right out of my journalings.
    You were asked, “What’s next for you”, and you said you should probably go out and start talking about this stuff more. I could not agree more, and I’m at a point where I want to start talking about this my perspectives and theories also. I’ve contemplated organizing some meet-ups, conferences, workshops, call them what you want to get people to start engaging each other on this. I’ve also started to put material together for a YouTube channel. My point being, I’d love to help out and/or participate if you are looking for a team to join in this endeavor…

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