Charles Sides on The Cosmic Internet

“Fifty years from now a new generation will wonder why this was such a ground-breaking book.  They will be astounded that all this information had to be introduced and explained in The Cosmic Internet. As Frank tells us, but actually reminds us, we are the “ringmaster” one time and this book helps us make the most of our experience.

— Charles Sides, author of Motorcycle Enlightenment

For other quotes, and to see the cover in full color, and to order from Amazon, go here:

6 thoughts on “Charles Sides on The Cosmic Internet

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Probably you can see, now, why my friend Rich Spees (who designed and maintains this website) calls me Dances With Words.

      When you’ve read the book, I hope you’ll feel free to comment here.

  1. ” … you can see, now, why my friend Rich Spees … calls me Dances With Words.”

    That’s because words are inadequate to explain what I refer to as the conscious realm, which can not be explained by Newtonial physics.

    But if any metaphor speaks truth, it is the title of the book, and one that I have noted and cited metaphorically, as well. Better than Facebook, and works much faster.

    In regard to the question posed on the broadcast tonite regarding the source of our information, it is definitely much more than synaptical processes, and it is my hope that Dan Dennett may someday agree.

    book on order

  2. I really liked your interview and will be getting your book Frank.

    There is an active discussion group that I participate in that is pretty well moderated and we cover a lot of the topics that you show an interest in. There are a variety of viewpoints and it can be a fun source for fresh ideas.

    Here is the link… but if you feel it is spammish (I’m not sure what the protocol is TTYTT) go ahead and remove it. But it is a link to a great resource.

    I should probably mention that it is the forum connected to a book written by one of the guys that helped Bob Monroe develop hemisynch. Again, not meaning to spam, it is just the best discussion group that *I* know of out there

  3. It certainly is!

    He has made his lectures and talks available on youtube (which is more accessible for most people than books, regrettably), and finding that he is more successful reaching his target audience this way. They migrate to his facebook page, and then email him with questions. He generally sends them to the forum where a diverse group offers a variety of answers. Some of them go on to buy the book, although the mood of the group doesn’t really include that as an objective.

    I say all this, of course, hoping you might consider a similar strategy. 🙂 I see that your Coast interview from last night is there already, and has been getting some traffic.


    Oh, regarding your comments on the future of “The Book”. I can see books migrating almost totally to the internet (sigh~ there is something absurd in trying to read Proust online~) and taking on a dynamic form. Dynamic in that the author will be able to update them in real time, as events and insights occur, keeping old versions available if he cares to. People then subscribe to the ‘book’ by the year for about the same price that they might have otherwise paid for a hard copy, perhaps less. As part of the purchase, they also are admitted to a forum that is based on the book, where they can discuss the various topics with the author and other individuals with similar interests. The membership will be tiered, in some cases (such as professional credentials required) restricted, etc. People strongly identify with certain ideas, and as per advertising strategies, it is often the components of identity that people are buying when they [it/]do[/it] buy things. It is a model that could conceivably tweaked to work with fiction as well, though it will probably change fiction itself in some unpredictable ways … some interesting and some not so good.

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