An opening of the heart

My “virtual friend” (i.e. we’ve never met) Stuart Dean sends me something that, with his permission, I want to share with you, as I know that at least some of you will connect with it. In his accompanying email notes that for his whole life, “I have been irritated by the two great commandments for giving a destination without a road map, but I’m finally starting to get a handle on them.”

See if you can read this as the record of a first-hand experience, without letting your own opinions of God and religion get in the way.

Living in the heart of the two great commandments

This morning, Jesus reminded me that all of wisdom is contained in the two great commandments. As I pondered this, I realized that yesterday’s experience of God as both Mother and Father bears out the truth of it.

God as Mother means embracing and loving all of humanity as her children. And here’s a truly surprising truth: The heart doesn’t experience her holding of us all as being outside of itself.  I know this probably sounds very strange, but when I am seeing from my heart, all is one and there is nothing outside of our shared oneness. So every heart “contains” the whole of humanity, whether it yet knows it or not. This means it’s very easy to love others as myself. It makes kindness natural, and greater appreciation of others more or less automatic.

Loving the Father also comes true when I hold my heart open to him as I feel my heart being “pure and unspotted.” My ability to do this began a few days ago, on the so-called “Day of Judgment,” May 21st. The message to me, though, was about the beginning of the end of judgment! Here’s what came to me that day:

To you I say, do not bespeak unkindness of any, for all is love, recognized or not. Also, speak well of everyone that you can, for all are worthy. Do not neglect your prayers, even though they be different [I don’t pray for anything to change] from those of others. Do present yourself pure and spotless before your God, that all may be blessed this day.

Then I had a conversation with someone close to him:

Can I be “pure and spotless” even though I drink so much beer?

Yes. “Pure and spotless” means to be guiding the heart’s openness to feel pure and spotless. The heart will take care of the rest. Your heart will feel pure and spotless if you remind yourself that all are forgiven, reminding your heart to reflect your salvation.

I then went out to walk the collie, and every time I imagined my heart as pure and spotless in front of God, my heart chakra would burn. I happened to be doing this as someone came out of their house, and it was as if the burning heart light suddenly jumped from my heart to theirs. (Later, I realized it was just resonance.)

I have never before in my life felt any purity in my heart. But when he commanded me to do it, and then explained why it is justified, I was able to do it! The image is of me standing before the Father, feeling my heart being pure and spotless, thanks to him and Jesus’ redemption of us all.

Now I can hold the two images together in my heart: Being before the Father with a clean heart and being one with the Mother being one with all of us. I feel so inspired by this pairing, and my heart now is awake and lively, in harmony and in true peace.


3 thoughts on “An opening of the heart

  1. OK, if you are commanded to love all as your family, and you see a homeless person on the streets (as I do every day in NYC) are you going to take them into your home, as you would a brother? Are you actually living this or just sitting in your room being “spiritual”? It’s easy for you to love others as yourself? If so, then you would be upset there’re people suffering in the world and go out and devote your life to helping them, like Mother Teresa, for example.

    1. What you say has merit but is hardly unanswerable. Is there no bell curve between total love and indifference? Is it an either-or? In practice, not. And the more open to love we are, the better, regardless whether we “should” or “could” be more open.

  2. “At any given moment a person is doing the best they can.”

    Continuums are where its at.

    We are all connected, know it or not.
    Love yourself first.

    Unconditional Love, Gloria

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