Book number six


Book number six

Author’s copies arrived today — some of them, anyway. So I am officially a father yet again. (That makes a total of one daughter, one son, two novels and four non-fictions.) This one may be the most important yet, and the most accessible.

2 thoughts on “Book number six

  1. Congratulations, Frank! When will the book be available for purchase? I definitely want a copy. Nice artwork on the cover, btw.

    1. Yes, the artwork is beautiful, and I can say that, having had nothing to do with finding it.

      I don’t know how soon Amazon will have the book ready to ship, but I know you can pre-order it now. They’re selling it at $5 off the cover price, so it’s a deal. They’re selling it for $12.21 (where do they come up with these price points?) so you’d have to buy three to get free shipping, but what a good idea that would be! 🙂

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