The Cosmic Internet, some reactions

What do the following authors (in alphabetical order) have in common, besides creativity, a passion for exploration, and a lifetime’s thoughtful observation of the world around them?

Robert Bruce (OBE pioneer)

Joseph Felser, Ph.D., (professor of philosophy)

Ervin Laszlo (systems theorist)

Carla Rueckert-McCarthy (channeler of the Ra material)

Charles Sides (businessman)

Michael Ventura (cultural explorer)

They have all provided  advance cover quotes for my new book, The Cosmic Internet.

To see the cover in full color, and to order from Amazon, go here:



4 thoughts on “The Cosmic Internet, some reactions

  1. Hey Frank, congratulations! The cover art is fantastic! Very nice job, indeed. And given what lies in between the covers, I hope and fully expect it to be the smashing success it deserves to be. Keep us posted. You’ll be on “Coast to Coast” in no time (and I don’t mean Focus 15)!

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