Conversations July 10, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

5:45 AM. Okay, it has been since Tuesday morning, not so long, but I’m getting restless. What can we talk about this morning?

Obviously the topic is you and Michael and Jim Chastain and the work to be done.


Not everything you receive is to be widely shared at this point, just as not everything you experience is to be written down in plain English. But you and Michael should know a few things.

One. Until now, different people have had different paths and they led in different directions, as when you walk from the hub of a circle outwards. But the tide has turned, to mix metaphors, and you are heading inward. Different paths converge. This means not merely, don’t worry about different ways of being and doing — it means, mostly, don’t worry about losing sight of one another. Converging paths always come closer to each other. That is, if you are going outward on diverging paths, different paths mean separation. Converging paths, though, mean there is no pull between following the path on the one hand, and staying with your earlier friends on the other. Instead, pursuing different paths becomes an incentive and an assistance to stay together.

Two. Increase of consciousness in any individual means, in effect, an increase in range between individuals. That is, more consciousness leads to more, not less, connection with others. Just as we invented the term person-group to change your perception of the reality behind life in the body, so we’re showing you now that anyone who pursues a higher consciousness automatically pursues a wider consciousness. On the converging path, or in the converging direction, again greater progress along the path no longer cuts against greater community with your fellows. Just the opposite. Now, more, higher, wider consciousness means closer wider connections along various threads. Instead of greater loneliness, converging paths bring greater reconnection in the way too.

Three. Greater consciousness brings the telepathy of empathy. That is, you may feel your way to unity, not think your way to it. It isn’t a matter of learning but of how you exist. Living in love becomes more reliable, more predictable, more powerful on the converging path than the looking-out-for-number-one attitude that often seemed to pay off for people in the diverging paths, or we should say in the time of diverging paths.

To summarize these three points:

One. Less lonely, not more.

Two. More connected, not less.

Three. More secure and powerful, not less.

Now, a moment’s thought should show you that some people live in one time while others live in another. No, a better way to put it is, some people at any given time are on the diverging paths, some on the converging. This is just common sense, after all, and has always been this way. But what may not be quite so obvious is that at any given time, the times may lean toward, may support, one or the other direction of movement. In duality as we are, we must experience tides, rather than a uniform flow in one direction. (Yes, we deliberately said “we” rather than “you” because, remember, we said we as part of the physical world are subject to the laws of the physical world. You may explain this to your readers and Michael particularly, in person. We do not want to stay to do so.)

[The guys have said that the non-physical aspect of physical life – our minds, for instance – are like the rest of us a sort of interface between physical and non-physical. Just because they don’t have bodies doesn’t mean they are qualitatively different from the physical; this means of course that they are somewhat different from the rest of the non-physical, whatever that may be like.]

All created life is subject to tides, as the contraries manifest alternately in strength. So some times are lived under the influence of an in-coming tide, or an out-flowing tide, and accordingly the vast majority of people in any such time will find themselves drifting, or pulled, or inclined by “swimming with the tide” in the direction of the prevailing influence. There are always contrarians, but this isn’t, as you have become accustomed to think it, a matter of people being born with a predilection to take a contrary path for the sake of contrary motion. It is a matter, more, of people being born with an innate strong attraction one way or another, regardless of the state of the tides. Thus if the person-group is strongly pulled toward the converging path, the inward direction, it will be a contrarian in impulse during times of an out-flowing tide, but — without changing its nature — will be swimming with the tide when the tide flows inward. It will be the formerly comfortably adjusted person-groups who become contrarians then, for their desire will be toward the diverging path and they will spend their lives fighting against an in-bound tide, or learning to swim against it, anyway. And as always the vast majority will have very little self-direction relative to the tide but will flow with it, scarcely noticing the change, as people in air-conditioned buildings may scarcely notice the change in temperature of the actual weather.

Your times — it will scarcely surprise you to hear us say — are the changing of the tides. It began to change toward the end of the age of Pisces, and is gathering strength as the age of Aquarius slowly comes. Such changes never occur entirely within the space of one lifetime, or two, or even three. (In fact, you might argue that no two lifetimes are ever lived in the same tidal conditions.) Nor are the major tides constant and unvarying and unaffected by minor tides. Astrology studied for its descriptive rather than predictive features is one way to understand this. It is the art and science of understanding the background forces of your lives. If looked at for only the greater movements rather than all the lesser ones that differentiate people’s individual fate (i.e. the weather in which they must live) it will be found to be very enlightening, but need be understood only once, not consulted every ten minutes to see if the stars will support your crossing the street.

To put it in historical terms, in the West your long era from the Renaissance was lived in a massive out-flowing tide within the larger feeling-tide of the age of Pisces. But this is a diversion.

For our purposes, the point is this. In a time of major reflux of the tides, all the understood patterns become unrecognizable (unless you know the changing of the tides as a phenomenon). Everything appears as eddies and cross-currents and turbulence.

When old rules don’t work, and old correspondences between cause and effect don’t work, and when the very bottom of life seems to be shifting, of course many people are going to panic. If they think humans are doing it, they will attribute to conspiracy what is far beyond human capability. If they think the change is destruction rather than reflux, they will think the gods, or Gaia, or Jehovah or whatever has decided to destroy humanity for its sins.

Know that this turbulence is a side-phenomenon that necessarily accompanies the changing of the tides, though, and you see things differently. It is all part of the pattern even though it is indeed the chaos within the pattern.

And, if you know this, it has a predictive value that will make your lives easier. It is, in short, this:

Whatever was the most cynical, most realistic, most unillusioned worldly wisdom of the past, now will be the greatest foolishness, for the rules have changed, as they do, predictably with the tides.

What once led to a given result will now for inexplicable reasons lead in the opposite direction. What was foolishness will now be wisdom, and vice versa. Not in all things but, proportionately, in so far as things partake of the nature of the tidal changes between in-flowing and out-flowing.

It should be noted that of course life is not as simple as this. There is not only one tide. There is not only three kinds of people, one aiming toward connection, one toward diversity and one floating. But these over-simplifications are needed if we are to reveal the underlying reality.

So, to sum up.

As you feel the newly in-flowing tide gain strength, you can feel (as well as believe) that an in-flowing tide rewards behaviors that were not considered practical on the out-going tide.

The internal begins to take precedence, again, over the external.

Love overcomes domination.

Connection replaces separation.

Internal power becomes more attainable than external power, and it becomes power over self in place of power over nature or power over others.

And, in all this, those who had been among the most bewildered, the most discontented, the most almost perversely determined not to flow with the tide, suddenly find the times flowing with them. (Suddenly, but not immediately. It is an inflow, not a deluge.)

In short, when we say this is your time, as we do, we don’t mean necessarily that your lives will become obstacle-free or your own cross-currents and complexities and perplexities will cease. They will not, for such things are the accompaniment of life. But they will arrange themselves differently; they will respond to different circumstances. What you know and believe in will have the added power that comes with swimming with the tide rather than against it.

To continue the metaphor, even in any tidal conditions there are rip tides and places of slack water, so do not expect the world to appear, or to be, as simple as a map of concepts may make it seem. Still, the map may give you the added confidence that will smooth your paths, and this we would like to do for you, because we love you all and wish you well, and we are hoping for your greater success.

Thank you for all this. I take it that you are timing your bursts of information to more or less match my available energy.

More or less. Bite-sized bits do add up.

Do they not. Again, thanks.

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