Jung — “Antithetical values nevertheless have their rights”

Read this, perhaps, in light of the on-going political turmoil that has led to discussion of the possibility of the coming of fascism. Carl Jung would say, that’s what happens when too many people lead an inauthentic life! At least, Carl Jung as brought through by me in an  altered state. As always, there can be no guarantees. The question is, does the material resonate?

This particular transmission ends pretty abruptly. Perhaps I lost the thread, or perhaps I lost the necessary energy to continue to follow the thought. The part that I did receive seems valuable enough to pass on.

April 13, 2010

4:30 PM. Dr. Jung, reading your ideas about the repressed unconscious breaking out and causing chaos — can we relate that to my guys upstairs, and to the thought I just had?

The system will have its application to any other system until the limits of analogy causes it to break down. How could two systems dealing with the same aspects of reality not relate to each other? It would indicate that at least one was seriously in error.

The guys upstairs — we guys upstairs, I suppose I must say — are forces, or conduits of forces, as much as they are localized consciousnesses. Over and above whatever one is or does as an individual is what one is or does as a representative of his ancestors — spiritual and physical both.

If one is a conduit for vast forces, and those forces cannot flow because there is a dam constructed somewhere on the physical side — well, at some point there is likely to be a collapse and then a flood!

Suppose that you are living your life in a merely conscious, routinized way. You do not get into touch with your “unconscious” aspects — your guys upstairs as they manifest in your life. You seek to conform to a code that may be well-meaning but does not fit your psychology. Your life and externally is more or less a rejection, a repudiation, of the internal life that more truly represents you.

Yes, it is true that you can choose, and it is your choice. But it is also true that too long a time spent making bad choices will lead to results.

For an individual considered as an individual, the stakes may not be too high. What is a frustrated life worth, one may ask. But — pile enough of these dead leaves, and you have the making of a tremendous bonfire.

You need, in life, to come to terms with evil, chiefly by seeing that antithetical values nevertheless have their rights. They must be honored, as the sexual forces must be honored or suffered to run disruptively riot.

If forces have become embodied, it is [in order] that they may be expressed. If too much unbalanced non-expression takes place — too much repression in a certain direction — then to that degree the will of the other side, as mobilized, is being frustrated.

You have not given thought to how this side can have a will of its own. You think of us as dim and almost passive. But you ought to be able to see that whatever formed you in bundles did so through will, discernment, and purpose.

2 thoughts on “Jung — “Antithetical values nevertheless have their rights”

  1. Hello Frank, This does resonate with me as I attempt to discern how our other dimensional selves interact with day-today Earthly affairs. The Hermetic Principle of Polarity suggests that politics will always have some degree of mirror opposites — both of which merit the attention of a still evolving soul. In Jung’s terms, light cannot exist without casting its own shadow. You can’t have one extreme of anything without activating the other. Wishing you another wonderful day, Paul

  2. ‘But you ought to be able to see that whatever formed you in bundles did so through will, discernment, and purpose.’ I like this. I think if we were more discerning and in alignment with our unconscious purpose, life would flow.

    I was wondering if you would ask Jung if he has been in my healing room. I believe it’s someone who Jung knows. At this stage the man has not spoken to me, but he’s a frequent visitor.

    Thanks, Simon.

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