Happy Birthday, Miss Rita!

Picture of Rita Warren

Rita Queen Warren, Ph.D., scholar, academic, consciousness pioneer, initial director of Robert Monroe’s altered-state laboratory, wise old woman on the hill, would have been 90 years old today. Trust me, she’s glad she isn’t still here! She had no fear of moving over to the other side, and toward the end she had a sort of resigned impatience with the body and is limitations.

She and I used to raise a glass each January 30th, to toast Franklin Roosevelt, whose birthday she shared. So here’s a virtual toast, Miss Rita. “Thanks for all your help (not least, an ever-listening ear). Thanks for suggesting the sessions that eventually became The Sphere and the Hologram. And thanks, on behalf of so many friends scattered across the globe, for all that you were. Whatever you’re doing, may it be interesting and productive, and may you never lose that curiosity.”

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Miss Rita!

  1. Thanks to you, Frank, I had the great privilege of meeting Rita and talking with her about her experiences (and mine) at TMI. I am grateful to you–and to Rita–for that fortunate opportunity.

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