Robert’s Warning Dream

I have been going through emails to and from my friend Robert Clarke, who moved over to the other side early Thursday morning English time — late Wednesday in America — and came across this that he sent me just slightly more than one year ago. What he (and his dream) says isn’t fashionable. Don’t we know it! But it’s true, which is more important. Most of the people who are looking for the causes of our present disintegration are looking in the wrong places, perhaps because they cannot bring themselves to reconsider opinions that brought them to the ground that they thought was firm beneath their feet.


… But as to the present world banking crisis, which I personally don’t follow, the unconscious has given dire warnings for some time that we are heading for disaster. I had a dream in which all of the cathedrals and churches in the West had gone, replaced now by tower office blocks – cathedrals of business as the dream said. The Tower of Babel was also mentioned. The dream was saying that modern man has become completely possessed by materialistic values and never acquires enough; he wants more and more and more.

In another dream I saw a map of the world with each area coloured according to its religion. So when I looked at the key at the bottom, the colour yellow had ‘Buddhist’ next to it, blue had ‘Muslim’, and so on. When I looked at red, however, which was the colour for the West, and expected it to say ‘Christian’, it actually said ‘atheist/materialist’. Then the red over the West was a poison that was gradually spreading across the world, meaning great danger for it.

The foundations of a culture supposed to be spiritual ones, giving solid roots in eternity. Yet man has not been developed out of nature solely or even primarily for his own benefit. He has been developed to do a job for God, to help full reality to evolve higher and further, and for this there has to be close association between material and spiritual worlds. But I had another dream which said that if man fails in this task, as he is surely doing, then another animal will be evolved to take his place. I was actually shown a long line of different animals all waiting to be evolved specially in turn until one is found that will truly help God and be a responsible caretaker of the planet.

 Jung said that this complete fall into matter – and therefore complete dissociation from spirit – has always been the greatest danger for mankind, from the beginning, because it will mean the greatest catastrophe.

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  1. You just dredged up forgotten dreams from probably two years ago where I received a similar view of what might be the future, and I got the distinct message that time is running out. We will not be allowed to take things all the way down. The plug will be pulled before that happens.

    Where Robert’s dreams differ from mine is in what will – for lack of a better term – replace mankind. I got a view of many small communities of humans that had pulled away from the the materialist path, and within what felt like the blink of an eye, those groups were sort of rewired. There was a feeling of a great and immediate shift. Just now I though of how your Guys Upstairs described us as looking like bundles of cords to them and that the cords – or bundles of cords – can be activated and deactivated as needed.

    Not wanting to slip into the negative polarity here, but right now I don’t hold out much hope for mankind in general and feel like this shift to a replacement will take place.

    1. Well, you know, it’s strange. Intellectually I have a lot of sympathy for the view that it’s too late to escape some huge tribulation. As you know, Rich, that message came through from the guys upstairs more than a dozen years ago.

      And yet — emotionally I can’t feel it coming. Emotionally, I still think we could turn toward the light side of our nature and all will be well. For that matter, I do feel that all is well, as the guys always say, even while the slightest analysis says it sure isn’t.

      I guess we’ll find out.

      1. I do remember what your TGU had to say on the issue, and I have hope that we can still turn it around, but in my dream the message that time was running out was given with with a sense of urgency. Of course figuring out their definition of “urgent” is the difficult thing. Business as usual simply isn’t going to be allowed much longer. We can make the choice ourselves, or it will be made for us, and if it is made for use, there will be a lot of debris along that road.

  2. The dream was amazing and I agree with Richard. I don’t think anything will replace mankind in carrying out God’s plan on earth, but I do think there will be a shift of energy and some clarity in what we have done to ourselves and others. I see small groups turning back to God and His nonmaterialistic style…..partly because they were thrust into it by losing a “secure” job, but also some are finding a meaning to living that their “busyness” had concealed. As hard as this economy is….it may be a blessing in diguise.

    1. This is what we’re hoping for. I know that for more than 30 years I have been hoping for some cultural turn for the better, but it has been many a long year since I put my hope in cultural change coming from anything other than individuals, one by one, changing.

      Conversion, in other words, from materialism and science-worship to an immediate realization that the other side is right here, right now, and that this physical world is only secondary, an extension of the non-physical world which is primary.

      I don’t know if existing religious forms will hold this energy, or if Christianity and perhaps other religions will evolve to accommodate new understandings and new experiences. One way or the other, though, it seems clear that something will supersede this dying thing that calls itself a culture. As Will Rogers once said, “there ain’t no civilization where there ain’t no satisfaction.”

  3. I am a christian and I have a new understanding of a lot of what you are talking about, but that is because I am open to the idea that we may not have it all correct, but in talking to others I find that they think I am crazy and wonder where I got my theology. I know that it’s all in the Bible, but some just can’t see it……..especially those who think life is all about money and “stuff”.

    I agree it is going to have to be one by one showing the rest it can be done and it is not as painful as they think, in fact it is refreshing.

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