Richard Bach on Babe in the Woods

Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions, etc., who became a friend of mine a few years ago, sent me a series of emails as he was reading Babe in the Woods, and he is very generously allowing me to quote them here. Some excerpts:

“I’ve begun reading at last, and have to tell you again what a pleasure is your writing! You catch me on paragraph one, have me fascinated and at the same time at ease with that homey comfortable style of yours….”

“It’s One-something in the morning. I am dead tired. I can’t put your book down… It has been more than 20 years gone, since I have been forced to read up so late, and I’m less than two hundred pages into the book! Anyway, thank you for a continuing and absolutely fascinating journey. You are one marvelous writer!”

“I finished reading the last page. What a journey! …I caught my breath at the presence and immediacy you bring, the depth of the experience you show, the real-life dialog of trainers and trainees you caught in print, the vast discovery…. You have introduced me to the company of these deliciously intelligent articulate creative questing souls, and I do not want to let them go!”

“Babe is one of the most fascinating, engaging books I’ve ever read…. I’m biased, naturally … but the effect and impact of the story you’ve written is as powerful for me as any in literature…. Frank, you’ve written a masterpiece of souls yearning for home, willing to open a door, daring and finding their way. So beautifully done!”

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