Orbs at a post-election rally

Digital cameras have certainly revolutionized the orb-chasing business. This from an email via a friend, who had received it from a friend who had gone to the election night Obama rally in Grant Park in Chicago. There were more photos but I have limited the number to three (and turned them from bitmaps to JPEGs) for the sake of practicality.

“When we were on our way home from the rally Tuesday, we ran into a couple of ladies on the train that had taken some pictures I wanted to share with a few people.

“The lady who took these didn’t believe in this stuff beforehand, but does now. These are some amazing orb shots from the Grant Park rally the other night. I shot these from her camera screen with my video camera, because I didn’t have my regular camera on me at the time. But you get the gist when you see them. Lots of happy souls out there.”

“Before” shot by the younger sister from the same camera shot 1 minute before the next bunch of shots by the older sister using the same camera:

rally before

The “after” shot, replete with more orbs than you can count:

rally after


and a zoomed-in image:

rally zoom

5 thoughts on “Orbs at a post-election rally

  1. I mentioned to Frank somewhere that David Spangler of Findhorn fame who is a visionary saw Lincoln among others surrounding Obama when this all began.

  2. Could it be dust from the crowd? People gathered in large groups tend to kick up all manner of dust particles. All it takes is a round of applause and then you’ll have a cloud of dust bunnies

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