Mr. Lincoln on our elections

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

9:30 AM.

Mr. Lincoln, a proud day. We owe it as much to you as to anyone.

You owe it to yourselves. The angels of your better nature — as I said in my first inaugural address.

It is America becoming ever more the symbol of the world, isn’t it? That’s how I see it, anyway.

A symbol, yes — but perhaps more than a symbol. Perhaps you might say in truth and not in metaphor that is a magical miniature, still, as it was to a lesser extent in my time and as it may become to an even larger extent in times beyond yours. It is the form into which energies may be concentrated and hardened into reality.

One thought on “Mr. Lincoln on our elections

  1. Frank,
    More than a symbol. David Spangler has been doing a number of classes on line and workshops on the Soul of America. I attended one several years ago and this was a calling in of the Angels.

    Not long ago David Saw Lincoln working with Barack on the inner planes!

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