Remote Viewing. A first-hand experience (2)

My notes and sketches
I see that the scanned pages didn’t display. I will try to fix that and post them separately, as these notes won’t mean much if you can’t see the sketches. But I’ll leave this as it is and if I can get the pages uploaded correctly you will be able to compare.
I know you cannot read the written words on these pages. Don’t worry about it. Look at the sketches, and after each page I will type out what the words on the page were.
Armed only with these sketches and words, and this summary, the eight-Judge panel had to pick one photo of four printed in color on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. Do you think you could have done it? You will get your chance when I upload Folder J.

Page 1
[initial squiggle] High
[horizontal line] horizon
[two squiggles] reflective
[Five parallel lines seen somewhat at an angle]
Parallel lines from below
like roof beams
come out from something
(line represents)
Wood (overlay?)
[Three parallel lines]
parallel lines
[sketch of a tube]
like pipe or roller
may not be hollow
may be solid
Page 2
[three lines meeting at a point]
Bldg (building)
Bldg (building)
[square inside square]
bldg inside enclosed area
large enclosed area
some kind of an enclosure
doorway but I don’t see one
[three parallel slanted lines]
because late in day
[wavy line]
flat roof, may be red
crenellations maybe
AOL break [underlined]
422 second contact
rusty color, brick color
motor noise outside of range of picture
Page 3
feels comfortable – wouldn’t grate on my nerves
something about it that I like.
Feels like a metal pipe
impressions of bird(s?) In the sky
[sketch of bird] soaring
Open gateway in their outside wall
[crosshatch inside arc]
metal hinged gate
Paved with [sketch] like cobblestone. Not cemented.
Sense that reflected item is a window – second floor or higher
[sketch] reflective
Page 4
[sketch that I thought was a building inside an enclosure]
light slants from left
structure within a structure
can’t see door or gate from this angle
main part of bldg in shadow
may be cement or adobe etc. (etc.) wall
something curvy about roof line
more or less square or oblong enclosure

may be historical site in the American southwest
Hispanic heritage
Site contains
– walls
– bldg
– strange roof
– reflective surface
– gate
“first impressions – high, cold, isolated.
“Reflective vertical surface. Saw parallel lines from below – like roof beams. They came out from something – a wall? I think they were would – or is that overlay? Repeatedly saw parallel lines – maybe metal and hollow? Maybe solid metal? Reminded me of conveyor belt.
“Then looked like two walls of the building, stucco, beige. All muted colors, light. Slanting daylight because late in day. Building within a wall, strange roof line, curve. Rusty color, brick color. Comfortable feel to it. Impression of soaring bird. Page to gate. Paved with cobblestone-like paving.
“Maybe historical site in American s.w.
“The Alamo?”

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