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This from Hampton Roads author Paul von Ward:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My occasional group emails are limited to original personal articles on my research or my reviews of significant books. However, this time I’d like to mention some of my other activities. They may interest you or be events that you would like others to know about.

1. September 16: Paul is George Noory’s guest on “Coast to Coast AM” (the largest overnight talk radio show in the U.S.) to discuss the Reincarnation Experiment and his book The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation. For details see and

2. October 3: Elena Young and Nancy Lorenz interview Paul on their global webcast Beyond the Ordinary about his research on worldviews (materialism, supernaturalism, mysticism, and naturalism). They speculate on how these subconscious assumptions may trump rational discussions of issues for U.S. voters. See

3. October 9: The Atlanta UFO MeetUp group welcomes Paul to present his research on early human reactions to the “gods of old” and the impact of that experience on modern human consciousness. He will focus on members’ present experiences with “angels and aliens” in this historical context. For information see

4. October 18 and 24: Paul presents the Reincarnation Experiment’s research and its implications for individual and societal development to Institute of Noetic Sciences community groups in Daytona Beach and Homosassa, Florida (respectively). See

5. October 18-24: During this period, Paul’s reincarnation research methodology and evidence associated with specific cases will be filmed as part of an up-coming television documentary. Details to be released later.

6. Nov-Dec: During this period Paul will present his Gods, Genes & Consciousness research theme in a Georgia church and sign his book The Soul Genome with other IvyBook Club members at an event in Atlanta. More details to follow as other events are firmed up.

My methods of public exposure for my work have been largely limited to my individual efforts. As an experiment, I have decided to try a group initiative, joining together with other authors in an email outreach. I hope you will excuse one effort to see if a larger community effort benefits all of us. Later this month I will send a couple of emails to test this strategy. Please give me your frank assessment of its approach.

With best wishes, Paul

Paul Von Ward
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