Resources for self-improvement

This site:

is, as the URL says, a list of 100 blogs aimed at self-improvement. In this case, not self-improvement as in “make more money!” but as in the important things in life, the physical, mental, spiritual warp and weft of daily life.

To my surprise and delight, not one but two of my friends are among those listed!

Within “Spiritual Growth”:

The Sacred Path: Richard is a consultant for the electronics industry, and he has been studying Shamanism under Hank Wesselman and his wife, Jill Kuykendall since 2005. He shares his journey with readers with this blog, where he also lists plenty of other resources.

This is Richard Spees, whose blog is

Within “Physical, Emotional and Mental Health”:

Breathing Easy: This blog is authored by a woman who is work-at-home mom, a freelance graphic designer, technical illustrator and painter-turned-potter and who suffers from IC (Insterstitial Cystitis), a painful bladder disease. Her blog focuses on art, health and spirituality and it can provide inspiration for anyone who seeks integrated health.

This is Melynn Allen, whose blog is

Richard and I met (this lifetime) in July, 1995, at a Monroe Institute course called Lifeline. Melynn and I met (this lifetime) in March, 2003, at a Monroe Institute course called Timeline. Proud to have them as friends.

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