Okay, we’re pretty much functioning now

If you’ve been following our progress here, you know that we have been working step by step. First we moved the blog to this site, then came the process of constructing what we call the HologramBooks store. Most of that work has been behind the scenes, of course, a combination of technical stuff (at which I am no help whatsoever) and writing descriptions.

We have now gotten to the point that Messenger, Muddy Tracks, and Babe in the Woods can be ordered on line. My three books of poetry can be downloaded, free. And you can see what’s coming up.

So here’s how you do it.

Look at the right-hand upper corner of the blog, and click on “Return to Hologram Books Home Page.” This brings you to the store’s home page, which says (again) what I’m trying to do here, and offers a menu of titles and products.

So, My Story includes only Muddy Tracks at the moment. “Son of Muddy Tracks” (so to speak) is not yet written.

Fiction includes Messenger and Babe in the Woods and a list of novels yet to be written.

Poetry shows how to download three free volumes of verse.

How-to describes my books on the practical uses of visualization.

Et cetera.

Not all the sections have product available; I’ve chosen to provide an overview, to give a sense of coming attractions. Now it’s up to me to finish providing those attractions. In some cases this will take only a little while (my book on using visualization to maintain your health) and in others, it will take a lot longer, probably (my other novels). Somewhere in between will come the transcripts of sessions with TGU, and books on society, among other things.

Patience, friend. We’re getting there.


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