If you can’t figure out why the buttons don’t work…

It’s because the site is still under development, but we didn’t want to freeze this blog while waiting to finish the site.

We’ll get there. Meanwhile, if this site is new to you, there’s a boatload of material here: Check the archives, for instance.

2 thoughts on “If you can’t figure out why the buttons don’t work…

  1. Love the new site Frank! Still got a lot of reading to do on here and in the R.A.M. books so I’ll get back to you when I’m done with them. I’m working on The Gateway Experience from home … still with limited success but I believe things are going to start moving faster soon.

    ~ Isaac T. Madsen

  2. Practice makes perfect, sometimes. I did the Gateway tapes off and on — often intensively — for two and a half years before i got to do the Gateway Experience at the Monroe Institute. It all helped.

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