A conversation with Rita

Before we get into this short transcript, a caveat. To the question, “How do you know that you were really talking with Rita and not making it up?” there can only be one true answer: I don’t know. I think so, but I don’t know so. I can’t prove it, any more than I could prove any other conversation I have ever had Upstairs. All I can do is present the material as it came, and let you decide.

Rita Warren was stricken with a massive stroke at a little after 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, March 11, and lingered, paralyzed on her right side, without the power of speech, before finally obtaining release late Wednesday afternoon, March 19. While she was in that in-between state, on Friday morning, I decided to try to communicate with her, on the theory that although she was still tethered to the body she might have more freedom to communicate. Hence this. Material in brackets is added by me for the sake of clarity.]

9 a.m. Friday March 14, 2007
It seems a long time but it is still slightly less than three days since Rita had a stroke.

Miss Rita, what is going on? Are you coming back to consciousness in hope of seeking Kathleen, Laurie, Maidi? Or is it a misperception that you are coming back to consciousness?

It would be better [if this communication took place] as dreams, because you would trust them more. But you would also trust them less, so this is as good a way as any despite interference.

My emotional level?

Your energy level in general, as I said.

Well, I’ll try to be “here.”

You are already doubting, as I predicted – only it didn’t seem like predicting, it seemed like responding to what had already happened.

You saw it ahead of time? Predicted it, so to speak? Visited the future?

The future? [How many times had the guys drilled it into us that all possible futures (and pasts, and presents) exist?]

Got me. Okay, you’re going to be one of the guys, all right – with a certain flavor of teasing that will be distinctive enough.

I begin to see that I need to be the point here as with the guys-maybe that’s always the case with
[Before I could even finish the sentence,] Go ahead, I can hear you champing at the bit.

Yes, it is going to be so interesting. Mind to mind contact is like dealing with the atmosphere around you. You take it for granted because you are never away from it. you couldn’t be, you would die. But the atmosphere can call attention to itself-a stiff breeze for instance-and then you are momentarily aware of it.

So pointing a question is a way of calling attention to ourselves?

In many circumstances.
Mind to mind – telepathy. [Between people in bodies.] Think how often emotional crises are involved. The urgency points the attention.
Mind to mind (same process, really) between living and dead, or between living and never-did-live-in-matter.

So in a sense, it is all telepathy just as the guys were sort of saying.

I am just broadening the scope a bit. The present situation won’t last long but while it does I am in communication with the world as it exists as a unit. In other words, with physical and non-physical considered together. Refer to our discussions with them on rock consciousness.

Yes. I understand the reference. [Even what appears to us to be inanimate matter is alive and in one way or another is conscious.]

Ideally the transition state – being born into either world, birth or death – involves a reconnaissance of terrain, one foot in each part of the world. The new born baby is a bit different in that in a sense it is freshly created and therefore without any reference points, but in another sense it retains what created it, so cannot be lost and without an idea except locally.

Better rephrase that a bit.

Yes. Communication without distortion is difficult even mind to mind. By the way, you see how clear and easy the flow once we have something to serve as point of reference, to orient the conversation?

I do indeed.

A baby — on either side — is newly created and ignorant in terms of data from that side. But it is still fully oriented and eternal in terms of the side it came from. Even if a soul is created by the union of spirit and matter in a specific time-context, that doesn’t mean it does not retain its eternal omniscient nature inhering in spirit, the spirit of which it is formed.

You remember your speculation that birds were of one mind because they were born with instinct? That one bird-mind, by species, by flock, could be looked at as resulting from their continued connection to the non-physical reality of bird, of species, of flock.

Plato’s Idea.

Yes, that is what it sounds like. Babies of any species — animal, vegetable, mineral (though one wouldn’t normally think of minerals as life-forms) — remain connected to what created their form, their organization, their logic, so to speak.

Picking up my verbal mannerisms, eh? [The “so to speak.”]

Like everyone else you talk to, I have to work through your habit-systems. Nothing wrong with it unless you use it to fuel doubt. But the content of the information should be more important than the form or clothing it wears.

So — to finish the point — the transition process allows us to put a foot on the other side before stepping off?

Sometimes that is among its uses. We’ll revisit that later, if you want to, when I know more about it.

Your connection here can be a research project there!


5 thoughts on “A conversation with Rita

  1. Absolutely marvelous. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am, I guess with the clarity that Rita comes through with. I so look forward to more of your conversations.
    Frank, you and Rita have a deep connection and this just makes everything so much clearer to me, if that makes sense (a spiritual sense). I love you both.

  2. Dear Frank,
    How kind of you to share this with us! Thank you so much for introducing me to Rita in September last year. It is such a privilege to have spoken with her for that little while. I was completely in what i call “Heartspace” at the time and it seemed to me that she and i connected directly through the heart chakras. The message that i delivered to her that day came straight from a Higher Source which she picked up on immediately. I feel that you are in that same Heartspace right now and that is why you are able to connect with her so well.

    When i feel “down” i think of that day and the feeling of connectedness that i had to All That Is in order to become centered in Heartspace again. Thank you for providing that opportunity for me.

    Love and Light,

  3. Frank,

    Ah! So the controls and the variables have changed. I very much enjoyed this transcript, the meeting of two old friends, and the wonderful “stiff” breeze concept.

  4. Hi Frank, this site sure looks like you’ve been busy putting it all together. Congratulations!
    Was hoping you’d set up something with Rita; I look forward to a continuing dialog.

    gordon phinn

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