2 thoughts on “Eclipse Feb 20, 2008

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos of this awesome celestial event, Frank! May this Lunar Eclipse in Virgo (aka: Powerful Full Moon!)illuminate your heart’s desires and help bring them to fruition… Hugs, Scooter

  2. I saw it here in Tucson as I was driving eastward about 7:20 PM; I think the total eclipse was at about 8 PM, but it was about “halfway” when I saw it out the windshield. Half the moon appeared completely dark, as opposed to the reddish tint in your pics. You could tell it was an eclipse because of the curvature of the shadow, as opposed to the straight line shadow you see when the moon is only half full. I didn’t think to try to get pictures. Thanks for uploading these, Frank!
    Mary Ann

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