Babe in the Woods — finished

Finished revision three today, third time is a charm. Now to get it published.

I didn’t expect this novel to proceed so straightforwardly and well. At 115,000  words, it’s considerably longer than my previous novel, Messenger, and considerably more complex. Yet it was a very easy novel to write in certain respects. I knew the people, I knew the situation, and I really knew what I had to say.

So now I’ll give myself a little rest and perhaps I will post the first chapter here after a while.

6 thoughts on “Babe in the Woods — finished

  1. Hi Frank,

    Do you know any other publishers that will publish books based on past life memories like the River Lethe series?


  2. I’m so happy for you that you finished and had such a grand time in the writing of it! Am looking forward to reading it.

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