Proposed future production

The other day, I sat down and sketched out the books I have written and those I have yet to write, and came up with the following list. This ought to keep me busy.

Titles of books not yet written are in [brackets]


Messenger George Chiari in Tibet learns about inner worlds

Babe in the Woods Angelo Chiari in Virginia does an Open Door

[Conspiracies of Men and God] George and Angelo fight to defend the C.T. Merriman Institute from a conspiracy to destroy it


Muddy Tracks beginning of my discovery of inner worlds

[Muddy Tracks 2] developments 1998-2008

[TGU 1 2001-2002] first sessions with TGU, with sketches illustrating concepts

[TGU 2 2002-2005] developments after the first series

[TGU 3 2005-2007] enter Joseph Smallwood and friends, with an agenda of their own

Imagine Yourself Well how to use visualization for wellness

[Imagine Yourself Guided] how to develop access to inner resources

[Iona] spirituality in our next civilization


The Marsh

Death and Resurrection

An Unsuspected Life

{Perhaps others]

2 thoughts on “Proposed future production

  1. This comment is actually from Clay, but for boring technical reasons it didn’t post, so I am posting it for him.


    The lead page of your posting has the content pasted in 2 or 3 times, obviously a simple mistake. As I reflected on it humorously, a little voice said “What’s wrong with wanting to write the same book or poem two or three times, even if the same title is used repeatedly?”

    With that thought, I reminded myself of Lawrence Durrell’s “Alexandria Quartet”; the same story is written 4 times, and with each version, we get a different character’s point of view; four stories are published as “one story”. English history says Durrell didn’t plan it that way, but when the first story didn’t get the publisher’s attention, Durrell wrote another version, etc. Question? Where’s the story when the writer’s intentions are foiled, but the rent is due?

    Another example (of the story behind the story) comes to mind : “All the King’s Men”(AKM). I had the pleasure of talking with Joseph Blottner, Robert Penn Warren’s biographer, whenever he came in to Carey’s Camera shop in Charlottesville to have pictures prepared for the biography. You’ll find my name in the credits; for services?? For conversation?? One of Blottner’s little vignettes about AKM was that the opening scene was actually in the middle of the manuscript, but the editor at the time pulled it out and put it on the first page as the opener. Question? Where’s the story when the editor knows more about the “story” than the writer and changes scenes around?

    With that said, Frank, I hope you feel encouraged to write your stuff as many times as you want. You’re the work in progress, not the manuscripts, rent and editors be damned.


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