Friends, a couple of thoughts for Thanksgiving Day. What does it mean that we are all going to die, and none of us know just when? Yes, it means “eat dessert first,” but is that the limit of the conclusions we can draw?

If I were to die today (and it won’t be any different tomorrow or next week) the vast majority of what I am, what I think and feel, what I have learned, will no longer be accessible to anyone who might be interested. If I haven’t expressed it, although it may be still in “the mind of man” as Dion Fortune would have it, for most purposes it’s gone. And that’s true of us all. We are infinite mysteries to one another. So maybe it would be as well, while we still have time, when it’s possible and when it’s true, to:

* say thanks to people for what they have given us, and for what we have learned just watching them;

* appreciate them as having come here to be who they are, not to be more like us;

* say “I regret” when necessary, and “it was nothing personal” when true;

* say “I love you” (and perhaps as important, “I have loved you”);

Don’t feel guilty about looking forward to the next thing after life, whatever that may be. You had a right to be here; you have a right not to be here, too. But while you are still here — continue to enjoy the ride, giving thanks as you go. Remember — as deeply and consciously as you can — how beautiful the world is, and how fortunate you have been to have experienced life in time-space.

12 thoughts on “Thanks-giving

  1. Hi Frank, yes I agree we can never get too many reminders about being grateful for something. One thing I noticed when u go, hope its not too soon, you left us some of you behind. somewhere, someone will pick up one of your books, open it and find exactly what they needed to hear.

    and god willing I will read at least one of your books one of these days. love, alysia

  2. Hi Frank – Followed a link that our mutual friend, Rich, had in his blog. He holds you in high esteem and after reading your piece, I can see why. Very well put and something I needed to hear. I love the way Spirit always brings exactly what I need -in time and on time. Happy Holidays and thank you for sharing.

  3. I’m thinking of making Rich my full-time publicity agent, but then he’s want money for it, and I hate to spoil his amateur status. 🙂

    He and I met a dozen years ago, and it was one of those cases of “oh, hi, haven’t seen you in a long time.”

    You can find him at — you’ll find the site worth bookmarking, I suspect.

  4. He and my brother Rob have been life long friends, so he is one of the family. The Monroe Institute info they have shared has always interested me. Just read Cosmic Journeys that Rich loaned to me. It was part of a cycle that seems to happen for me when I am searching for specific clarity. All of a sudden I will have 3,4,5 books come to me – the guys upstairs are a busy crew 🙂 Hank Wesselman’s Vision Seeker was part of the last bunch also – along with Ken Carey’s The Third Millenium.

  5. I remember coming across Carey’s classic The Starseed Transmissions only a couple of years ago and being awed — there’s no better word for my reaction — awed, by what he’d brought forth.

  6. During the first part of my search for something that would make sense to me and answer my questions, Carey’s Starseed Transmissions and Return of the Bird Tribes were two books that literally fell into my cart at the book store. What a treasure when you find books that yield those nuggets of gold for your foundation! I have been so thankful for all the amazing information that has come my way from people who had the courage to write their truth. It is truly “gold” when you live in an area that is rather close-minded and you don’t accept the normal explanations:)

  7. Thanksgiving
    “Oh, how we marvel at such Wonderment, as the Mystery unfolds
    those hidden talents, as yet unknown, (tho dreamed of, on ocassions)
    those Gifts, we knew we had to share, with Love and Gratitude
    now resplendent, and awaiting the gentle warmth of thankful expression.

    These paths, now well trodden, cross once again
    two travellers rest, and share stories of fascinating experiences
    of beautiful places, and people so Wise
    they smile, knowingly, into each others minds,

    those sweet little anicdotes of pleasurable escape
    …they touch, so sensitively, like Lovers, once parted
    like Family, united forever in Spirit, distances irrelevant.
    they welcome each other, as long-lost friends

    Laughing like children, and crying like old relations
    at the Festival of Life, so well-attended.
    they pay their respects to “Absent Friends”
    and drink their Health, bringing them all HOME

    oh, what a sweet Thanksgiving that could be
    a time for true Thanks, for the independance
    and happiness that Love carries on its way
    it’s golden chord , embracing ALL.”


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