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A friend emailed me, “I would love to hear TGU’s take on the matter.” I replied, “The difference between me and TGU isn’t very great these days. But I will give them the keyboard and see if they have anything to say that I have not:”

What follows is TGU on choice.

The one thing we would add is that you would all benefit by reminding yourselves that there are no victims, no villains, except in a frame of reference that defines them so. You create your own reality decision by decision, choice by choice, and then you play out the results of those choices and reinforce the choices, or contradict them, or go off in a totally new direction, or whatever you want to do. The difficulties arise because you continually choose, then choose something contradictory, then perhaps choose the original again, then something tangential, then another contradiction, etc. (Obviously we don’t mean just the two of you, but people in 3D mostly.) To the extent that you choose ONE way and keep choosing that way, the path smoothes and magic happens. So, if you know what you want and you keep moving in that direction, you need fear no sabotage or unnecessary obstacle – for how can anyone else get closer to your reality than you yourselves? But if the specter of others leads you to second-guess yourselves, or cripple your own impact, it can look like the work of others – but whose work is it really? “Oh ye of little faith,” so to speak.

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