Some years ago I had to decline to publish Mark Kimmel’s fascinating first novel, Trillion, strictly for financial reasons. Since then I have remained on his newsletter, information for which I include at the end of this post. The following is his most recent.

The Cosmic Paradigm Newsletter
by Mark Kimmel
October 31, 2007


In recent days I have observed how many times fear creeps into my consciousness. This has caused me to look at my actions and see how many of them were driven by fear.

The dictionary defines fear as: 1 A feeling of agitation and anxiety caused by present or imminent danger 2 A feeling of disquiet or apprehension

I would suggest broader definitions: 1. Fear is the opposite of love. 2. Fear is a state of mind that focuses one singularly on oneself.

When one is acting out of fear he or she will put his or her own interests above any concern for the rights of others. If I am hungry, I will steal. If I am threatened I will kill. In the extreme, if I see the situation as totally hopeless, I will choose suicide.

But fear is usually much more subtle. Fears remains buried in our unconscious mind until they are triggered by a particular situation. Dealing with our fears is the grist of psychotherapy, beginning with Freud’s focus on sexuality and continuing to modern treatment methods.

Fear, buried in our unconscious, is triggered as our current lives unfold. Our parents taught each of us certain precautionary things: “Watch before you cross the street.” Religious teachings imprinted yet others: “If you do that, you will go to hell.” And our training in the workplace added still others: “Be on time, or be gone.” Fear is often translated into “should” and “must.”

SPEND A DAY EXAMINING HOW FEAR DRIVES YOUR ACTIONS. I did this and was amazed to see how fears subtly emerged. As I drove my vehicle I worried about the condition of its tires. I was conscious of obeying the traffic laws lest I get a ticket. I watched where I was going to avoid getting lost, or worse, having an accident. And, of course, I kept an eye on the gas gauge.

As the day went along, I became conscious of more fears. When I went out hiking — “must” exercise as well as enjoy the outdoors — fears cautioned me to watch out for certain plants, snakes, spiders, wild animals and to watch my footing. I am sure, if you are honest with yourself that you too can see the fears that drive your actions. Am I so riddle with fear that it immobilizes me? No, but it does drive some of my actions.

Observing others you can sense their fears. I know people who worry about losing their jobs, becoming destitute, living in poverty. I know others who worry about being embarrassed, becoming a failure. I have also observed people who cannot handle success and who unconsciously sabotage their efforts to avoid becoming successful.

How many conversations do you have each day about health issues? What vitamins should I take? Did you know that cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease? What can I do about electromagnetic radiation? Do you think we should get flu shots? What about West Nile virus? Is it okay to eat eggs? Health warnings about food and water flood the Internet and the media.

If our deep-seated fears were not enough, they are reinforced by television, newspapers, magazines, movies, and advertising from every direction. Do I need to say more about the ads on television for various illnesses followed by the right drug to be requested from the doctor? How should we react to the ads for the right deodorant, the right clothes, and the right automobile? News accounts key into our fears about the troubles in our world. Fictional portrayals on both television and at the movies trigger fears as well as inducing new ones.

Some of our unconscious fears, and our reactions to them, are undoubtedly genetic, inherited from our forebears. Fear well served the caveman faced with a saber-toothed tiger. Today someone making an off-the-cuff comment can trigger a fight.

My observation is that fear tends to dissipate over time. Homeland security alerts need to be managed for maximum effectiveness: The right timing and we pay attention. Too many and we dismiss them as crying wolf. Those who would rule us by fear use constant reinforcement. This is where the media comes in.

So where does the fear mechanism come from? It is my suspicion (I say suspicion since I did not observe it first hand.) that the fear mechanism was instilled in our bodies as a means of controlling us. By whom, I do not know, but it has been our lot for many thousands of years, and it has worked quite well. Also keep in mind that our bodies mirror our souls. If our souls are darkened by fear, if the light of love has diminished, so will it be with our bodies.

One conclusion, based on observations of others, and myself, is that my conscious mind, the left side of my head, runs on fear. I can hear myself wanting to be perfect, to do the right thing, etc. etc. It is a constant chatter in my head; it is fear based, and it is self-centered. If I listen to it I can become immobilized, or I feel compelled to act irrationally.

I had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs for many years. The characteristic of an entrepreneur, that distinguishes him or her from those who are not, is their willingness to enter into a situation without giving the consequences a great deal of thought. “I’ll work it out,” is their mantra. I used to say that they had a high “risk quotient.” An analyst, by contract, likes to have all the risks defined before moving forward. I know a lot of analysts, and, by and large, their mental processes are fear driven.

So how does the entrepreneur, the artist, the painter, the composer, the activist, or the author go about doing his or her thing? Their secret is that they are not focused on themselves. Yes, they have the same fears that others do, but they are focused on making a new product a success, on creating a masterpiece, on making a statement. If they were to focus on their fears, if they were to pay attention to their personal needs, they could not create.

A second conclusion is that fears from our unconscious will drive our actions until we find a basis upon which to act that is not self centered.

So what does all of this have to do with extraterrestrials, with the larger universe? Fear is at the core of the human condition on this planet. Those from other worlds recognize our situation and are working to help change it. However, until we take the initiative to rise above a civilization that is based on fear, we will not be welcomed into the cosmos. The vast majority of other star civilizations operate from a basis of love (Remember my definition of fear.). Our world has been quarantined so we would export the darkness of fear to other worlds. It is time to throw off the shackles of fear.

Yes, we have been enslaved by off-planet beings who operate in conjunction with elitists, all of whom have chosen to experience this lifetime withdrawn from the light. Yes, there have been agreements between extraterrestrial civilizations and the controllers of this planet. Yes, yes, yes, all that we have been told about those who operate in conjunction with the dark is most likely true (Again I have not experienced it first hand.). However, keep in mind that they are doing you and me a great service by showing us that which we can choose to reject.

Numerous celestials and star people have told us that Earth is already transitioning. We have been invited to come along. We need only set aside our fears and embrace love, learn to live at a higher level of consciousness. I believe that one of the factors to enable us to do this is that we must first recognize that our lives are dominated by fears, that we are surrounded by fearful people, controlled by those who use fear and who wish to keep us from ascending with Earth.

My final conclusion is that by focusing, not on ourselves, but on the greater good of all, we, like the entrepreneur or artist, can achieve anything we set out to do, literally anything. Patterning ourselves with the almost blind determination exhibited by an entrepreneur, we can push aside fear and operate from the love of that to which we are committed.

In earlier newsletters and in my talks, I emphasize that we are much more powerful than we realize. I encourage you to discover that power for yourself, discover your energy and beauty. Once you have discovered it, add your energy to that of others; together can push aside the dark and create a planet of love and light.

As always, I encourage you to do your own research, communicate with others, human and non-human. Come to your own conclusions. Act in your own unique way. You can accomplish so much by merely becoming one whose actions reflect love from his or her core.

In Truth, Love and Joy,

Mark Kimmel

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3 thoughts on “Fear

  1. I think fear is definitely part of our heritage – the fight or flight – survival mechanism that is necessary for species survival. I also read a book a while back called “State of Fear” that made a pretty good point about fear being used as a tool now for manipulation of the masses, since the cold war was ending. Watching our media and government, we are fed fear as a daily ration (one reason I don’t watch TV). People are easily manipulated because a large percentage of them don’t want to take the responsibility to think for themselves and question the answers. I find fear an easy thing to be diverted into if I don’t consciously watch my thought processes and why I am going in a certain direction. What is good about this process is that you develop a sense of direction in your life. You catch the fear process – change it to awareness only – and quit being a victim. You take your power back. I have had a pretty big experience with this whole thing recently so am feeling pretty amped about turning it around 🙂

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