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Another excerpt from the TGU material posted here, this from one of the 2004 black box sessions, one of a series of questions submitted by others.

Rita: You’ve said that Frank is part of your mind; that’s one of the quotes from last week. What is this role that you play? Can that be specified? As opposed to the role Frank plays, which we understand to be an attempt to voice your ideas. Can you speak about what parts you play in your relationship with Frank.

Frank: Sure. We gave an image a long time ago to him in the black box. He was in 27, paddling a canoe on a river, just for fun, and found that he couldn’t keep his perspective at canoe level. It kept popping way up in the air, and looking down on the canoe and the canoer, and then going back to the canoe and back and forth. And that was just our way of showing just what you’re asking. The person in 3D experiences everything immediately and vitally. The person outside of 3D experiences everything in a non-time-space perspective. So you might look at it is, the part of yourself that’s outside of 3D holds the page and keeps perspective, remembers what the game is all about, and gives off helpful hints as well as receives feedback. The part of you that’s in 3D is there specifically to not remember the perspective, but to react immediately to the life. Now, what we’re saying “immediately” may mean to you 80, 100 years, but it’s “immediately” in terms of it’s confined to that life.

[pause] Does that explain the difference in function?

Rita: I think Jon is asking specifically about roles like co-creation, execution, fate, manifestation – these are some of the examples he uses of things that he could imagine the guys being responsible for. Is that a possible answer to that question?

Frank: [pause] Well, we prefer to go to a different aspect of the question, because it will subsume all of those. You as an individual in 3D are containing elements, some of which are contradictory; some of which don’t even like each other; some of which have a tremendous tension, staying in the same place. And when you are contained within your body and your own psyche, you feel like it is you, even though you are at war with yourself. When you experience it in the part of yourself that’s outside 3D, you see the differences in the threads and strands and tendencies much more clearly, and, not recognizing them in your 3D aspect, you think that they are different than you.

You see? So all the questions about fate, and co-creation and all assume more of a difference between the in-3D part and the outside-3D part than is real.

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