Church and state in Europe and America

This article, Church and State should help Europe grow, is from The Times (London) of Saturday, July 21, 2007. Interesting thoughts from a Christian clergyman in Britain. Does he give us more credit than we deserve?





2 thoughts on “Church and state in Europe and America

  1. I think he is genious, I don’t know if he gives us more credit than we deserve. I think like him there was a time when we had it right, but now……… I agree again with him that we have used the blessings of God for power, idolatry and laxity and unfaithfulness. When the Israelites started settling into the promise land God warned them not to take His blessings to them for granted and start thinking they have accomplished everything on their own. There was a time that our nation gave credit to God for our blessedness as a nation and I think it was because we saw ourselves not as a “chosen people” so much as a “guided people” by God. Now we think we are self sufficient and that we have done it all ourselves and we no longer need God’s guidance and some even say we don’t need God period. History always repeats itsself and we are in the midst of it. Hopefully, we as a nation will listen to our modern day prophets and this guy may be one.


  2. Frank,

    Interesting article. I am immediately struck by the particular viewpoint — being Christianity, rather than religion in general. I’m not sure what can be learned by compare and contrast of Christianity between Americans and Europeans. I am impressed with the underlying idea that there is a competition, as if Europe is somehow behind America, etc., which I think is a disheartening viewpoint. Regardless of where either country lies within “cycle” we all get to where we need to be when we need to be there. To sum up wise words: Everything unfolds in its time.

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