Themes from 10 black box sessions in 2000

Even at the time I could see that the series of 10 black box sessions that Skip Atwater and I did in September, October, and November, 2000, had been orchestrated from the other side. I knew that in some ways I was a different person by Thanksgiving that I had been on Labor Day. And I knew that the end of the sessions marked a stopping place, but also a new beginning. The series left me with my feet firmly planted. I now had a place to stand.

It was because of these sessions that Rita Warren and I were moved to begin a weekly series of sessions in her home, rather than in the black box, beginning in August, 2001. That series, in turn, presented us with a massive amount of material from the guys upstairs. As we absorbed the material, it changed our way of looking at things, and thus changed our lives. Unfortunately when I attempted to mold that material into a book, I tied myself into knots, and so it was shared only with the Monroe Institute’s Voyagers Mailing List, and with some friends. This blog makes it possible for me to put that material out in public without needing to shape it into a book, and that is what I will be doing in the series I call TGU Sessions.

But first I think it worthwhile to summarize a few of the major themes that emerged in that very important series of ten sessions in the black box, in what now looks to be our last full year of innocence.

1. The notion that individuals, “holding the frequency,” are the secret government of the world, in that they help to determine the zeitgeist, the ideas that rule civilizations at any given time. One reason for priesthoods is mutual support, because they give up so much of the rest of the world to do what they are doing. Political power is for decayed priesthoods because it is silly next to what real priesthoods do.

2. The invisible is as real as the visible, and forms a continual part of our lives. What we in the physical are doing is also real, and it matters. We can create possibilities. Those on the other side use us to deliver messages. They facilitate, and so to us it seems coincidence or luck making things happen. Those working toward a certain end are cooperating on the other side even if they don’t know each other on this side. So we always have help.

3. The “wave of the present” allows us a degree of freedom. There is a feedback loop between C1 and the focus levels. This is why our choices matter, why the expansion of consciousness and the extension into the ordinary world matters.

4. We live amid a web of relationships in space and time, all affecting each other, which also may be seen as us all being part of one thing.

5. By concentrating on different aspects of ourselves we can move from one state to another.

6. They (whoever “they” are) asserted that ancient Egypt and medieval England used crystals in the same way that we do. Other societies were unitary, where we are divided. Each way has its advantages and corresponding disadvantages. We as individuals can communicate with others in other times by holding ourselves in a fixed relationship to them. We can live “remembering the frequency,” thus holding ourselves in continual or repetitive communication with others in other times.

7. We can not only communicate across time, we can affect each other for better or worse. Physical ailments are windows into the other reality, and when we heal something in another life we heal something in ours, and vice versa. Thus I could send love to Bertram, and help heal him, which in turn helped heal myself. He experienced this as the grace of God, and in many ways we perform this function for each other.

8. Our bodies are, on the one hand, life support systems (spacesuits) and, on the other hand, communication devices (crystal receiving sets). The body is a protected space. Pulling the awareness down to the base chakra gives greater leverage, allowing us to instinctively know our own health and what is wrong with us and what to do about it. Go to focus 12 from there to work on the body. We can have perfect health. Working from the base chakra is also how you change your luck.

9. Change in perceptions precedes change in the ability to function. Our duty and opportunity and enjoyment will be to bring in connections and help our consciousness to expand and change.

10. We can increase communication with other parts of ourselves through either external or internal movement. You can go to a power site such as Machu Picchu; you can use any of the many techniques designed to assist you go to unusual mental states at will.

11. We become more consciously multidimensional in a series of steps. We learn to communicate, we learn to identify those at various wavelengths, finally we feel the fullness of our being. If we did not widen our awareness and a series of steps, we might collapse the ego when it realized how small a part it is of the total being that we are.

12. The next step in the development will be people living their lives in an extended state on a regular basis, and the step after that will be people living in full awareness that they are part of the oneness of everything.

3 thoughts on “Themes from 10 black box sessions in 2000

  1. Hi Frankie… if you get a chance check out the books “The Ringing Cedars Series” by Vladimir Megre.
    Of the 8 books, 6 are currently translated into English. Quest has them in stock, and they are 1/3 the price at the website.
    This globallly affected phenomena has been happening behind the scenes in a remote part of Siberia since the early 90’s.

  2. Well, it is one of the oddities of my position that I read very little metaphysical material these days. I have a sort of hunch that this is because it is easier for “them” to get information through to me if I haven’t read similar stuff elsewhere, as my (anyone’s) tendency would be to link up the new material to stuff I’d read and thus unconsciously alter it. But it’s just a hunch. In any case, I find myself nearly unable to read such material now.

  3. Frank,

    Sounds very accurate and in sync with many writings of the metaphysical. Wanted to know more about the human body why it gives so much trouble at this stage. ?Just lost a classmate from cancer. Is this the only window to the soul? I never forgot reading the wonderous healings of Ambrose Worrall and his wife Olga. He was able to use energy to regrow limbs. Why are so few of us doing or able to do this currently. What do they say?

    My mother has had many illnesses in her lifetime and while I see she has grown I always felt that there could have been another door. Do thoughts influence the types of illnesses people have? Why so much cancer? etc. By the way I enjoy this immensely. Thanks

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