Black Box Session 11-17-00 (2)

 Session ten of ten continued

 Friday, November 17, 2000

[In focus 23, by request]

F: [pause] Strong clamping band around my head. [pause] Standing on a stairway or an entryway, just watching the people go by, a lot of ‘em, constantly. Like in a big convention center. [pause] They’ve all got their own thoughts, so they’re all in their own world. [pause] There’s come analogy here to the present that we were talking about. They all experience their own world, thinking it’s objectively there, and it sort of is. It sort of is because it’s a group projection, and for any one of the group it looks objectively there. [pause] “As with us,” they say. And as I said that, my feet – my legs are now burning hot. My lower legs. And now icy.

A view through a spaceship or something, of stars. Infinite number, like us. [pause] Or you could call it the sky, and it’s all one thing. [pause] A panorama view of space, night stars; night sky. We can go up if you want.

S: Very good. Work your way on through 23, work your way through this, leaving it behind, and on to 25.

F: [pause] Who is anybody should I see here? [pause] I get pillars, one pillar after another presents itself to me, because first I saw – thought, Michael Landon, but then I sort of dismissed that, and then here’s a pillar. And then another pillar, and then another pillar. So I’m going to go back to the idea of Michael Landon. [pause] The sense that there are people working in 25 the same way that we work – well, in – you know, when we do Lifeline. There are people in 25 working with people in C1. Or in, rather – they’re connected with people on earth and they influence them through their dreams or through their daydreams, or subconsciously, usually. It isn’t the people here are in C1 so much, but it’s just, we drift – we float – we vary so much.

But if you’re in 25 and you have a set of values that you hold, you influence the earth and if you have a different set of values, you influence the earth and the two sets of values conflict. And I got this long ago, actually. [pause] It’s a feedback loop. We on earth – we on this part of the earth – can influence those various heavens, clearing out various belief systems which will then cease to influence us, which will then be cleared out easier…. That’s simple in concept, but it’ll take forever. That’s what Bob Monroe was doing. Or, talking about. [yawns]

 [change side of tape]

F: [yawn] Oh, man, am I freezing.

The more active we can make this contact, the more good we can do, because we improve the speed and the quality of the feedback loop. It’s a form of competition, with more serious overtones, as to which [yawn] tendencies and characteristics are to be encouraged, and so that’s the point of my being involved with the Landon book; the encouragement of people to see things a certain way, put into this world, will change the feedback going into that world. It’ll loose – lessen the – (there’s a pun there, actually) – it’ll lessen the hold that a certain way of thinking has on our earth, which will lessen the hold that  will feedback from there into future people on this earth. Future and present. It’s clearer than I’m saying it. If there are fewer Islamic fundamentalists in focus 24, there will be less strength for Islamic fundamentalism here. To give a neutral example. [yawn.]

That’s why our choices matter; because it’s a feedback loop. That’s what Ed Carter meant about voting. Voting by our choices. [pause] That’s why what we’re doing here matters. It’s why the expansion of consciousness and the extension, into the ordinary world, of concepts of how we interrelate with the other world, matter. [pause] There’s a book in all this. [pause] Big surprise. Big wave of chill when I said that, but I don’t see them writing it. And I get a smile and they say, “what do you think we’re doing?” [Chuckle] They always do that. I do the work and they take the credit. And they said, “yes, we always do that too.” Meaning, I take the credit for what they do.

[yawn] Very, very, very cold! I don’t remember where we are, but I got the message, let’s go to 27. We must be in 25. Let’s go to 27.

S: Yes. And you might like to start in your favorite place in 27. A familiar favorite place in 27.

F: OK. A warm place. Let’s get a fire going. [pause] Is there any significance to this cold, beyond the previously established one of connection? Well, that’s interesting. They say, if it weren’t uncomfortable, I’d be saying “maybe I’m making this up.” I’ve heard that before. [pause]

But how about if we just say, make a comfortable glow, instead of this chill? [yawn] Nope. Still chill.

S: There’s some line of thought about “since as humans we constantly seek comfort, the only way to get us to do anything is to create a discomfort, and we always move away from discomfort.

F: Huh. You’re telling me that the universe is run by the nuns in the Catholic church. That’s certainly their philosophy.

I think actually, had this changed to a glow, I would have been saying, “aha! I knew I was doing this myself.” I think that’s the reason why it hasn’t — [yawn]

Okay, what do you want to ask me here? or what do you want–? There’s something going on, I can feel the question marks. What do you want me to ask you, I mean. You have to give me the question as well as the answer. [pause] All right, I have a question. What’s next in my life? What should I concentrate on next? What’s the most productive thing from the highest point of view, that I should concentrate on?

Wow! Oh, man! Oh God, am I freezing, now! They liked that question.

This is very interesting, it’s almost like I can hear them, it’s so – the suddenness of the cold. Well, the next thing, I know. Well, I guess that’s the answer. The next thing is always given, and you just do the next thing. So it’s nothing I’m not doing. The sense, though, of increased sureness – Oh, yeah, boy they liked that answer! Whew! Oh. There has been an increase in sureness recently, and this will continue to feed on itself.

That’s the metaphor they’ve been using all along with my feet! I’ve got my feet firmly planted. That’s what they’re saying. Even a long time ago I had the vision of my body, levering up from my feet? into an upright position, while I’m here in the chec unit? What they’re saying is, I’ve got my feet planted now. [pause] And at the same time, I have a place to stand. Cold! Ah, almost shockingly cold. I can’t tell you. I’ve got my feet planted, and I’ve got a place to stand.

Oh, Skip, if you can think of anything I should ask or wanted to talk about, I can’t.

S: All right, I’d like to try something a little different here.

F: Okay.

S: I’d like you to go ahead and move into the experience, starting with your favorite place that you’ve constructed in 27, and move there and experience that knowing that something is waiting for you there, waiting for you to discover.

F: Okay.

S: Now, the difference with this exercise is that this discovery could in fact be a path and an adventure. But I don’t want you to report or talk about it until I ask you what’s been going on.

F: Okay.

S: All right?

F: See you in a couple of weeks.

[very long silence; many minutes, punctuated by yawns]

S: It’s time now to move back to focus 25. Allow yourself now to be drifting back to focus 25.

F: Drifting’s the word. [pause]

S: And now passing through 23, back to focus 21. Move now to normal focus 21. [pause]

F: Terrible cold. Big headache. [pause]

S: Return now to the point where we began. Return now to focus 10, staying with the sounds. Follow the sounds slowly and easily back to focus 10.

F: [yawn and stretch]

S: Okay, now with a count back [does]

F: [more yawns and stretches]

S: Okay, relax for a couple of minutes, I’ll be right in

[debrief next post, 7-1-07]

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