Black Box session 11-03-00 (1)

Session eight of ten

Friday, November 3, 2000


Realized, during the week, that I was catching myself running downstairs at work, like old times. Seem to be well again, and about time. I am not under any illusions I hope, but it sure is nice to be well if only for the moment. Had a one-night workshop with Jeff Moran of England about chanting and mantras. Tried that during resonant tuning without noticeable result except that my resonant tuning was considerably louder.

Told Skip that I was leaving the following morning for a weekend in southern California interviewing Cheryl Landon to try to shape her second book, which she wanted out by the time her 50-state tour began in January. The manuscript we had received was not ready for publication, and I had said we needed someone to get the story, and Bob Friedman had told me that nobody could do it any better than I could. So I was going, not knowing how it would work out.

The session

[resonant tuning.]

F: This time they’re starting the crystal on the left leg. [pause] [small cough] [long pause] I was back remembering when we were in California trying to work on Llorene Eisler, having worked on her husband David successfully, and she wouldn’t accept the energy. I didn’t quite know what Jim meant about that until working with a lady here. She accepts the energy immediately, and it’s just so incredibly powerful. And it made me think of Jesus doing miracles: If they didn’t believe in him, he couldn’t do it. And if they did, he could.

Crystal’s up to my thighs now. Remarkably cold beneath it, and nice and warm above it; it’s quite striking.

S: Remember to be welcoming the energy.

F: Oh absolutely, I’m trying to help it come in. Something happened and I’ve forgotten about it. Maybe I’ll remember later. Some experience with the crystal outside of the box. [pause]

S: Shall we go ahead and move on to 12?

F: Sure. [pause] I lost track, to tell you the truth. [long pause]

I was welcoming in the headache energy and asking what I could be learning from it, and I got – some image of energy dancing. That’s all I can say. It was around and around, like a blue and a yellow energy dancing. [pause]

And a sense that again it was a rewiring – it was a – improving the flow, the channel. That realization made a real leap in the crystal itself; it’s now beyond my shoulders. [pause]

Okay. [pause] I’m open to hear anything you-all want to tell me about this project with Cheryl Landon. What I need to do, what I should look for, what’s going to come out of left field, whatever. How I should be.

Ooh, waves of cold. I get a sense that’s an answer to my question, actually. [pause] Stay connected, I think, is just the only thing they’re saying. Just – don’t lose track of myself. [pause]

I think the answer is that if I just do that, then I know what to do otherwise. It’ll work all right. Had a sense that I might actually hear from him during this session, back when the crystal was down toward my shins. Hard to be open to that without – you know – all the usual suspects.

S: Again, I heard you use the words “I think the answer is” and that’s of course a clue to me to say, “is Frank doing too much thinking?” So you might try to ask guidance directly, “is there a message from Michael about this?”

F: [laughs] Maybe we’ll need to do 50 sessions. [laughs] Thank you. Yes. Is there a message concerning this? Or, concerning anything? [pause] Very quick intensification of the cold now. [pause]

[sigh] [long pause] It’s like – the same – It’s like – [pause] There are people, put it that way, on the other side with an interest in getting a certain kind of message across, and they use of course as many messengers as they can find; and they come in as messengers, and they facilitate for each other from the other side, so that you have the incredible successes that seem to rely on luck or chance or timing and what’s really going on is, they’re driving the bump cars from the other side to be sure they bump, you know? And the same motive force that put out Conversations made it a success and made him [Michael Landon] a success and made his shows a success and made his daughter’s tour a success –

I’ve tangled the grammar but I understand what it is. It’s that as long as we’re doing the work that we came here to do, we’re not going to get off track – we’re not going to get – You can’t fail.

S: Well said.

F: Applies to you too, of course. [pause] That’s not just me saying that. [pause] Well I don’t know what the blue line is doing, but there’s plenty of cold in here now. So I ought to be in pretty well.

S: Remember that the cold is a penetration to the soul, a penetration to the bone. Welcome it all the way and beyond.

F: That’s what I meant. Because it feels to cold, my suspicion is this is a nice good connection now.

S: Very good.

F: That’s absolutely what I meant. [chuckle] I learned all about the cold a while ago. [pause]

It’s really very much the same thing, what the Institute does and what Hampton Roads does and what we do as individuals. You’re either working for it, or you’re working against it or you’re in the middle doing something else. No, that’s not exactly right. It’s like, everybody who’s working toward a certain end is cooperating on the other side even if they don’t know each other on this side. And so – well, we all have help, that’s all. [pause]

S: So is the message “you will have help”?

F: Not in the future tense. We always have help.

S: And, by logical extension then, on your California trip, that help will be available.

F: Sure. Sure. This is the help, the California trip will lead to more recognition for me, it’ll lead to more money for Hampton Roads, it’ll lead to more recognition for her and mostly it’ll lead to more ability for all of us to push the same message. And – Okay, what I hear is, [pause] one way to (enhance, but that’s not the work I want) to get the message out was to make Michael Landon a star. You see, then that gave him traction and gave him leverage. And he, remembering what he was here to do, sued it. He by being a star, had the ability to get the Little House on the Prairie series aired and written. And y doing that, he influenced innumerable people that he on this side would never meet, and if he did meet, all they could say was how much they liked him, and he’d say “oh, thank you very much.” But on the other side they’re working together. And then from that he went to the next one, because he built on that, and that’s the same thing we’re doing. We’re all doing it, I guess.

Oh, isn’t that interesting? That’s – that’s the purpose of success. That’s the only purpose of success, is, — No, that’s not true. That’s – Back up.[pause]

I’ve always looked at success with sort of a slanted eye, thinking that it was mostly stupidity. But the point is that if you know what you want to do, success can give you the ability to do it more powerfully. So that on the one hand –

Oh, and it offers you the advantage of it being a temptation as well. So it allows you to continue to exercise your muscles. If you are rich and famous, there are temptations that aren’t there if you’re not, and in the deciding who you’re going to be, that’s another exercising of muscles that chooses what you are.

So that even the stupidity side of fame and fortune and, you know, power and success and money and all that stuff, even the stupidity side has it’s – um – It can be used. It can be used as a tool. [pause] I’m not saying they’re inherently evil, I’m saying that sometimes it can be – Well, Michael Landon lived in a 40-room house. That still blows me away. Why would anybody want a 40-room house? [pause]

Now, given that the cold is particularly strong around my ankles, is that meaningful? Is that a message in the way that the thing with the knee was last time? [pause] Both ankles, quite clear and distinct. Like fireballs, only equivalently cold. What about the ankles? [pause]

Um, I need to – I don’t know how to say it – go play. It might be a couple minutes before I say anything.

S: Yes, I agree.

[continued next post, 6-17-07]

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