Black Box session 10-27-00 (3)

Session seven of ten continued

Friday, October 27, 2000

I can hear them scratching on the walls. They’ve got a major thing they want to put across, but I don’t know how to – I don’t know where it starts. I’m getting an image of a sloping plane that reaches way up in the sky. Not an airplane, but a plane, you know like a – as though it were one wall of a triangle, say. One wall of a pyramid, I mean. But it isn’t solid, but it’s this plane that’s aiming up into the sky. [pause]

No, it’s a facet of a crystal. [pause]

As though it all radiated out from this point in the sky, and radiated down toward the earth, obliquely. And not just in two dimensions, but not just a plane, but many many facets and solids, so it’s all coming down, milky white – meaning, in context, meaning you can see that it wasn’t solid, but you can’t see through it. It has an insubstantial substance, a cloudy substance. Enough that you can tell it’s there, not enough that you can tell what it is, and not enough that you can see clearly to the other side. It’s only an analogy, but I don’t know what the analogy is yet. [pause]

The answer to my question before we entered the chec unit [black box, actually] is, yes, they want me to write another book, and the book will be about this way of seeing things, if I can do it. And the hard part is, remembering the reality and not having it degenerate just into words. Just as the other day I remembered consciousness and I remembered it by waking up into it again, rather than just talking about it. And the (my legs are cold again) the – Oh, okay. Now, see? Here, here is the Egyptian and the Englishman – the Norman monk, you know – they are – it’s like that plane is activated when I’m thinking like this, and they can help me with the reality of it. [pause] This is – they’re almost like underlining this – this doesn’t just apply to me, it applies to everybody. I just happen to be the one they’re bringing it through – and they’re bringing it through other people too, but I mean – I am where I am. They are saying explicitly, our duty and our opportunity and our enjoyment now will be the – in other words, it’s like the task du jour – the bringing in of these connections and the watching and the helping our consciousnesses to expand and change, so that in a few years we would not be anything like what we are now, just as I ahve unrecognizably (to myself) changed from what I was before Gateway. Now, that’s not a change, but it is a change in perception, which is a change. And a change in perception precedes a change in the ability to function. So that as we –

Heh, heh, — real strong; again the Egyptian pressing down on that, on those – whatever those things are called that you press your arms are. Very strong sense of that as I said that.

As we work on this, we will be – um – I hate to use the word channels, it’s the wrong impression, but we’ll be opening like, electric wires, to let the current flow more. We’ll be increasing the communications within and around the crystal.

Whew. [pause] It isn’t like we go back to the INSPEC and everybody tells their stories, or even IS their stories, and it’s just “oh, well, that was interesting; nice play.” It’s much more – It isn’t just idle curiosity either. It’s something vital going on here. What we’re doing here is real. Although not the way people commonly mean real, but — there are real consequences, and real – um. [pause] We can create possibilities. That’s what we’re here to do really, I mean. Now maybe ultimately, nothing matters, I don’t know about that, but – but – intermediately it matters. That’s why when we make our choices in life, we have a sense that yes, this choice matters, even if abstractly we’re saying “well, all paths are good.” And I know that in my case, I’m doing both all the time now, “well, this is important,” and then at the same time, “well, all paths are good.” And it isn’t a contradiction, it’s – again, we can’t get – I anyway can’t get high enough about it to see why it isn’t a contradiction, but I feel that it isn’t. And I’ve just learned to go with that. [long pause]

One of the things I’ve always wanted is more communication, active, sharing of memories and stuff, with other lifetimes. And I’ve been wondering why that isn’t happening, or can’t—or why it hasn’t happened, anyway, or what can I do to make it happen. [long pause]

Hmm. Well, the memories that I’ve gotten have been physical memories. Like, a wound. Or an illness. And the – they’re saying as in so much else, our idea about other lives isn’t right there either. There’s nothing particularly special to me about those other lives than anybody else’s life. Because we’re all one thing. And so it isn’t – It’s only a matter of viewpoint whether you say “one spirit incarnated in one lifetime and then in another and then another and then another,” or if you say (and of course the word “then” implies time) or if you say, “the universal spirit animates in all of these beings, and those that have affinities for each other, resonate together. So that I may pick up particulars from Josiah Smallwood; I may even share his – some kind of body – without it being particularly – without it being more than a matter of we’re the same vibration of person. [pause]

And if I pick up particulars, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion, “well I was him.” And if I pick up particulars that indicate commonalties of temperament, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion “well, I was him.” And it’s only one step ahead to say, “well I am him”; or he is me. Or either of us are equal opportunity – I mean are equal – equal. Well, why’d I say equal opportunity? Presumably for a reason. [pause] Well, when you look at it that way, equal opportunity: nobody gets a starring part, do they? Everybody has all the parts. Because there’s only one everybody. There isn’t any – well, I mean, you know, all this stuff – actually, Skip, all this stuff is already cliches. We all know it. Well, it’s been said, let’s put it that way. We’re all one. [pause] I don’t see how I’m going to be able to say all of this – Well, the answer I get is just peg it on my own personal experiences. Peg my thoughts – and they’re smiling at the idea of “my” thoughts – on my experiences. Interesting, they don’t smile at the idea of “my” experiences, but they do at “my” thoughts.

Whew! And I’m exhausted. This is hard work.

S: Why don’t you take a few minutes to rest in gratitude before we return?

F: Are we near the end?

S: Mm-hmm.

F: Okay. How ‘bout if we hop up to 27?

S: All right, fine.

F: And I may not report anything.

S: That’s fine.

F: I’m enjoying these two things that I’m holding in my hands, whatever they are.

S: Moving through 23 to 25.

F: [pause] [yawn] [pause]

S: Now, on up to 27.

F: [pause] [yawn] [pause] There were specific things at the end of the chair arms on that Egyptian’s thing, because I can feel ‘em. They feel like they did last time, but I can’t place them yet. [pause] [yawn] [pause]

Great visual image of Putucusi. I was playing at being a bird, flying around. [pause] Wonderful mountain. [long pause]

Hmm. Got my [second-body] hands clasped together up by my left cheek, I suddenly realized. As I was looking out at this dirt road. I’ve been flying, but I was looking down at it. [pause]

Snowy wasteland down there, actually. There’s a junk car. [long pause]

[long breath] Now I’m starting to lose it. I was in – where was I? I was back in Aguas Calientes, and — something about cement pouring, and the way they work there, how primitive their equipment, and therefore they’re not as efficient, and therefore they’re not as well paid, and therefore they can’t do as much – There’s an analogy here, I’m pretty sure. A pointed one, probably. I wanted to get out – I wanted to not fly before – I wanted it to get dark, because there was some kind of a danger. It was like an easy way out. I don’t know, I think I – well let’s see, maybe –

[big yawn] And then I went from the snowy scene to Aguas Calientes and then one of its hills is now a grayish cement-white rather than trees. In reality it’s all green, it’s beautiful. Now one of ‘em isn’t. [pause]

Nighttime and snow and mountains. [pause] Despair. Suffering. [long pause]

Russian troops. This is something to do with the war. In a concrete bunker with a lot of snow on top of it. More open than a bunker, though. It’s definitely made of cement, but it’s got wider – oh, maybe it was a house, and all the windows are blown out or something. But they’re waiting – the Germans will come up that – from the east, if they come. Up this road. [pause]

[yawn] Oh, man, freezing again. [pause]

I want to go back to Peru, but it won’t let me, it wants to stay right here with this, with this winter mountains scene. [pause] And nothing happening. [pause] That’s where we are not, they’re saying, we’re in a winter mountain scene with a lot of tiredness and despair and conflict and hopelessness. But it’s actually not – it’s just a scene. [pause]

By concentrating on different aspects of ourselves, they say, we can move. And sure enough here I am at Putucusi again. So that, they’re saying it’s very practical for regular life. Shift your emphasis and you shift your being. You activate different facets of the same crystal. Still the same –

Oh, they’re telling me I have some work to do, but I don’t – it’s too much work, I don’t want to do it. [pause] But everything that’s being said, it’s all in all the scriptures. [pause] That’s how it got there. [long pause]

[long breath] [laugh] I was being a condor or something, soaring in the mountains, which I like to do up there, and suddenly I’m a – or at least watching a being at a terminal and it’s got a face like a – I don’t know what animal it is, has a long snout in front of it; in other words, I think it’s just saying it’s not human right now, but it was funny. It was like watching a cartoon almost, an animal working a computer screen. It sort of flipped from soaring in the mountains to standing in this laboratory or this classroom or whatever. [yawn] Again, just an analogy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s basically it, Skip. They’re telling me what I need to do — next on the to-do list here.

S: Mm-hmm. Follow the sounds down slowly and easily. Let’s go back first to 25.

F: This seemed like a very short session. And yet I got very tired. [pause] Legs are extremely cold and aching. [pause]

S: And now down through 23 to normal focus 21. [pause]

F: [yawns and stretches during long pause]

S: And now follow the sounds back to the point where we began, back to focus 10.

F: [more yawns] [pause] Yeah, this feels more like everyday me. [pause] Both my knees ache something terrible.

S: Hmm, after all that therapy.

F: Say again?

S: After all that therapy, I guess.

F: I thought you might say “bitch, bitch, bitch.” [laughs] But I hadn’t included my left knee, but it hurts as much as my right knee, now. [yawn]

[Debrief next post, 6-13-07]

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