Black Box session 10-20-00 (4)

prep session 6

Friday, October 20, 2000


S: So how you feeling?

F: Spacey. Cold, too.

S: I really liked the explanation about the cold. That it is a sensation that penetrates to the bone, that it’s a sensation that’s a way of communicating, “this is going all the way through you.” Whereas we think of heat and we only sense heat —

F: Yeah, you can’t think of heat the other way. I can’t. The other sense of it was, too, that there are other dimensions beyond the ones we can see and that this is coming out of that dimension, sort of. Not exactly We don’t really have a way to say it.

Remember a while ago we had a session and it said, everything’s connected but we can’t see the other connections in the material because it’s not in this dimension? It’s like, the cold goes all the way into the bone, but it’s even deeper than that, it’s not in this dimension, but it takes a right angle, is the only way I could think of to say it.

S: Uh-huh. We think that’s deep, when it goes to the bone, but it’s even deeper than that.

F: Exactly. [yawn]

S: I really enjoyed the explanations you had, and some of the things you said about various subjects, like UFOs; it’s actually a game of getting us to a point of enlightenment, where we realize —

F: Yeah. They’re playing mind games – or we’re playing mind games and they’re winning. [They laugh] [looking at the chart] Yeah, I thought I just dove like a submarine there. That was good. Oh, wait a minute now, this is different.

S: Kind of a u-shape, there.

F: I knew early on, or at least I felt I knew, and I was really going deep, quickly. Now, do you know any difference between the positives and the negatives? Like, one session was very much in positive territory, and one was at the null point, and this one is very much in negative territory. Do you know what’s going on there?

S: I don’t think that I can make any statement about how it is when you start out one time versus how it is when you start out the next time. We apparently shift polarity throughout the day, in ways which absolutely nobody understands. I can only comment on my experience of what happens during the session, when you shift or have dynamic changes during the session itself.

Getting back to the other subject, “how come sometimes when I start up in positive territory,
how come sometimes when I start up in negative territory,” I have no idea. I don’t know. The literature that I’ve read on polarity switching on surfaces is very sparse. Salamanders, for example; before they will regenerate a limb, their skin potential voltage will shift. If you measure chicken eggs, fertilized and unfertilized they have different polarities to them. When a woman ovulates, her skin potential voltage shifts. But I have never ever read a study where anybody like wore a monitor for 24 hours a day and watched things shift. But I suspect that we shift, for some reason, positive to negative skin potential throughout the day.

I have noticed that when there’s high sun spot activity, that there seems to be greater voltage. For example, you might have 40, 50, 60 volts when there’s higher sun spot activity, as opposed to 10 or 12 when there’s not. So it’s an interesting situation.

F: It’s too bad you can’t quantify something about these sessions, and then look at it and see, you know, those sessions that were in negative territory – I’m not talking about just mine, but a large number of individuals – did they have a commonality of field to them somehow?

What do you suppose is going on here, where the blue just drops – really dropped like a stone from minus 12 to minus 16, and then gradually went up —

S: Well, you have to remember, the blue line is very dependent upon the green line. One is voltage and one is resistance. So I think this big drop here is actually just being pulled down by the resistance. Ohm’s law says that when you change resistance the voltage changes. So what I’m looking at is, blue line movement that’s independent of the green. And so if we see this curve coming down here, we say, well that big drop is actually –

F: They’re mirroring each other.

S: Right. Whereas this is relatively flat, where this is climbing. So it’s actually in b or in focus 10 here when you start shifting in consciousness coming up, quite independently. This is relatively flat, where this is going up. So this line going down, here, when I see it, I don’t see that going down, because I discount it by the green line going down, which is the change in resistance.

F: Yes, you’re saying relative to the green, it’s more or less just tracking.

S: Exactly.

F: And then it stops tracking about position c, wherever that is, or d.

S: Right. And moving up from there.

F: I felt like I was in very deep there. Several times.

S: Yes.

F: And I would have expected the blue to be moving lower, rather than higher. Trending lower.

S: Well it is trending lower, it’s trending toward zero.

F: Oh. I hadn’t looked at it that way.

S: Well, here. [turns chart upside down] [they laugh]

F: So — would you tell me again how it is there’s not a bounty on you? [they laugh]

So approaching zero is considered lower from either direction?

S: Well, first of all, it doesn’t always have to be that way. But let’s say that you were moving toward a zone of new exploration for yourself. And that zone would be across the null point. So, moving towards zero- But I have seen people — What’s important is a shift in dimension. Not necessarily the direction dimension. However, having said that, if you were moving towards getting closer to exploring dimensions not within your repertoire, then you would be approaching zero.

F: But nobody on God’s earth can tell us why I started today at minus 12 and another day at minus 5 and another day at plus 7 or whatever.

S: That’s correct. Other than, it might have something to do with some sort of body adaptation to global electromagnetic activity.

F: Which could easily fit biorhythms into it, I suppose, into that

S: Sure, same concept.

F: Anything else you’d like to say about the session?

S: I think you’ll enjoy listening to some of the things that you forgot. There were some very eloquent descriptions of things that will give you much thought as you go through them again and look at your transcript again.

F: You are sure you were listening to the same session that I was —

S: Yes. [they laugh]

F: Because I remember chiefly stumbling around going, “well, I can’t describe this -” [they laugh] All right, well we will see. I’ll get you a transcript as usual. I don’t even – See, I was so far gone, I don’t even know what these refer to: “impression of speed, maybe he was one, there’s an easier way.”

S: Well –

F: I know, listen to the tape. But I have no idea – Ordinarily I can look at the notes and say yeah, I remember that. “An impression of going on the air.” You mean, like, radio?

S: You were the one that said it, Frank. [they laugh]