Black Box session 10-20-00 (3)

Session six of ten (continued)

S: Extend now to 21 and examine the heart-space.

F: There’s something specific about my right – um, leg? – down by the ankle. Because that’s always where the cold comes first, and the strongest, like a pain right now. Something – I don’t know. [yawn] Wherever we’ve come to is very – uh, cold. Very – It’s strong energy, to feel that cold. [pause] Again, my right foot and my right leg are just dying of cold.

 [change side of tape]

F: This can also be a diagnostic tool, this being inside of the crystal. I had injured that toe, quite some while ago, and it’s never been just right, and that’s what hurts right now. Now, let’s see, I don’t remember having injured the shin, or the ankle. [pause] Actually, that’s the ankle that I sprained on Huayna Picchu, and took me up and down the mountain anyway. [pause] I don’t have any memory of injuring the shin. [pause]

This can be a diagnostic tool in the same way, Skip, that you talked about experiencing the whole building when you expanded your awareness to the building. And this is giving us a tool.

S: Mm-hmm.

F: Interesting in connection with six weeks of being sick. [long pause]

It’s a big mistake to be focusing on UFOs as metal objects, because whether they’re metal objects or not, they’re still just – a specific extension of us. That’s sort of the hard way about contacting –. It’s – How much — What I’m saying is so simp– well, I can’t say it. [pause]

They’re part of us and therefore there’s an easier way to get them — to contact them, or them contact us. There’s an easier way than flying out into space and bumping up against their metal space craft, and hammering Morse code knocks. And the easier way is just what I’m doing. [pause]

… sense now of just that, of massive amounts of space, of floating in massive amounts of space. [pause]

[yawn] You know, I get the feeling that the only thing the UFOs are doing is trying to crack open our belief system, so that they can then do it in what should be the easier way [laughs] rather than having to do it the hard way. It’s like it’s a – it’s almost like it’s a play designed to get our attention, designed to move our mental space so then they can say “oh, hi. How you doing?” I don’t know if it’s true; it’s what I get. [pause]

How ‘bout if we go and spend a little time in 27? I think that would be very nice right now.

S: Okay, very good. We will be passing through 23 to 25, and remember there are some sound effects here that sort of remind you where you are, so move through 23 to 25.

F: [pause]

[chuckles] I’m lying here trying to listen for the sound effects. [pause] Cold.

S: Here in 25 in the belief-system realities, look around and see if there’s anything for you here this morning.

F: [long pause] If it is, it’s well disguised, I don’t see anything. My father’s long gone, I think. 

S: All right. Then on to focus 27, and let’s start out in your favorite place in 27.

F: Okay. I know what I want to do in 27! Let’s see if I can’t talk to Ed. [Very long pause]

Like an airplane coming in low, flying – seeing the scenery go by. Mostly green fields with occasional houses. [pause] Trees. [pause] Nowhere I’ve been. Don’t know what’s going on here. [pause] I’d like to see Ed. Like to talk to Ed. [pause] There was a computer program that people could talk to as if it were a psychiatrist, and people were – got quite carried away with it, forgetting there were people watching them. (You know, if they would do it as a demonstration.) That has something to do with this, but I’m not sure yet what. [pause]

This bank of machinery here; electronic machinery. With, like, terminals: You could stand and talk. Type. [pause]

Hmm. Little house, middle of nowhere. On top of a little hill. Trees and stuff around. Little wooden house. Not big. Not pretentious. Country. Forties, maybe. [pause]

It’s focus 27 for sure, because – no driveway, no roads – just the house. Anybody in the house? [pause] Not even sure the house has an inside. I think it’s just — a construction. Maybe Ed likes to think about this like this for some reason. Maybe it was practice. [pause] No, it’s got something reassuring about it, or something rather comfortable about it. [pause] A place to hang out while you’re – well, whether you’re thinking or not, a place to hang out. That’s how it was constructed. [yawn] And why. [pause]

These waves of cold in various parts of my body can be signs of contact, when someone wants to get my attention. [pause]

I have been making my left hand’s – aura, or influence, — expand out – (I haven’t been doing it, I’ve been watching it, but it’s –) By trying to put it in words, I’m missing it. It’s a mode of perception. [pause] I see. If I could remember how to do this, this is what Skip learned instinctively about expanding that awareness. If I can hold it. [pause]

Yes, the trouble is, with these things, it’s easier to remember the idea of it than to remember the feel of it. [pause] To think you’re doing the same thing when what you’re doing is mimicking the same external. [pause] Ooh. Man, is it cold!

Now there’s a wooden fence along a ridge. Kind of fence that’s made of two or three horizontal bars, rather than a picket fence or something. [yawn] Freezing cold.

The fence is a symbol of boundaries – let’s say a boundary for a practical purpose. I had a sense of a horse or a cow or something, experiencing that fence as a natural obstacle that you just don’t go around. And it’s an analogy, I think – it’s an analogy to part of what we’re going here, but I’m not quite sure yet what. [pause]

If there weren’t fences, the livestock would get lost. Natural boundaries stop us from getting lost. [long pause] If you know how to work a gate, a fence is just an inconvenience. [pause] So cold. [long pause]

This is like being in a garden – in a side patio by a garden —  with, like, small tables – round tables and chairs, but talking to people I can’t see. Just heard somebody say something and I’ve forgotten now. Something about “talking to my father when I can’t see him.” [pause]

S: You asked to talk to Ed. Do you have a specific question?

F: No, I just wanted to say hello and – had an instant sense of joy because there was his presence, and then it was gone immediately, and nowhere in sight since. Well, he wasn’t actually in sight then, it was just a sense of his presence, but then it was gone, — just a touch.

I thought I might be getting closer when I was in that place with the electronic instruments. Ed loved gadgets, and I think that’s what he’s working on, is the stuff with Bruce. [pause] I’m wondering if he’s not gone on, actually. [pause] You shocked me when you spoke. I was a long way away; don’t know where I was. [pause] No, I was in that garden. Or that patio by the garden. [pause]

None of the things I’m seeing have any physical context. Maybe because I already know that that’s not the way it is. I don’t really think these are real objects here now. But somehow it’s like I’m getting closer to the people that are living there. [pause] A lot of what we experience in 27 is almost imposture. They’re helping us by looking the way we expect them to look, and having things the way we expect them to be, [pause] and that’s sort of what I’m getting too, because I’m getting um, underlying non-form. [pause] Whew. I’m wondering if these periodic cold spells like that one I just got are a form of communication. [pause]

All right, guys, I’ve got a question for you. Does this series, or this series and other things, lend itself to a book or to any form of exposition? Huh. Instant – instant skull in the form of crystal. I mean, crystal in the– well, whatever. I was talking to Crystal-head. Or being crystal-head, I’m not sure. Crystal again as the transmitter. Amplifier. [pause] Kelly and I work on it? [pause] It fell – what is it? Something fell opened; it had been broken. It was already broken before I asked that question. It fell open and looked like the top of an egg crate. But I’m so totally lost, I don’t remember what I was saying a minute ago. [pause] Totally floating, now. [very long pause]

 I just stretched, but that felt like a bit energy shift, just before that.

S: Let’s move back to 25 now. Focus 25.

F: Felt like it just shallowed out. Rapidly. Abruptly, I mean. [pause, with yawns]

S: And now back through 23 to normal focus 21.

F: I’m a little more here, except for all this wheezing in my lungs. Probably al this cold. Feel like I could sleep for a week. [pause, with yawning] There are things happening I’m forgetting to record. [cough] 

S: All right, follow the sounds [etc. through to C1.]

 [debrief next post, 6-05-07]

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