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I am very pleased to report that the month of June marks my first monthly column in The Meta Arts, an online magazine published monthly “for the metaphysical, spiritual, and healing communities.”

Here I find myself in very distinguished company, not least my friend Hank Wesselman, anthropologist turned shaman, author of the Spiritwalker trilogy.

My column has the same title as this blog — “I of my own knowledge…” — and the same message: Our culture does not and cannot provide a reliable and definitive guide to reality, so we are required to explore the testimony of others and – mostly – to find out from first-hand experience what is real and what is illusion.

This is a particularly classy site, as you will discover by clicking on

Its welcoming message says:

“Come explore! Discover, learn, and grow from fascinating articles, columns, and special features devoted specifically to the metaphysical, spiritual, and healing communities. Each issue features the information and resources you have been searching for. You’ll find internationally acclaimed and noted Psychics, Tarot Readers, Astrologers, Theologians, Philosophers, Healers, and professional practitioners of every metaphysical belief system and discipline. You’ll find something fascinating and new everyday to intrigue and inspire.

”Serious students, novices, as well as professionals, will enjoy the concentration of in-depth information in the “Special Topic” sections, as well as the insights provided by the gifted experts who share their wealth of knowledge in the Columns and Other Features sections.

”The Meta Arts Magazine provides a spiritual feast for the soul to deepen understanding, and nourish spiritual growth. Come learn and grow with us!”

Do come visit.

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  1. Congratulations Frank! I’m spreading the link to Meta Arts here in Oz – sort of spreading “your” word too!!

    Lotsa love

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