Tidying up

For those who followed the long thread — 46 parts long! — that I called Chasing Smallwood, I went back today and renamed each part so that rather than saying, for instance, Chasing Smallwood – 46, it says, 46 – Life’s end. I realized, rather belatedly, that since the thread is all contained in one category, there was no reason whatever to repeat the name in the title of each post, and there was every reason to rename each one as descriptively as possible, so that if you are searching for a remembered post you may be able to find it easier.

Sooner or later I will email this to those who have signed up to receive the thread in one neat package rather than as is. (Go to the page named In Email Form)

5 thoughts on “Tidying up

  1. Here’s an idea. You make explicit and implicit references to the concept that we all exist on many levels and in many times. Have you thought about requesting to speak with someone who is still with us in the phsyical? George Bush, Bill or Hillary, Henry Kissinger, our friend Ron Paul, Gorbachev, Buckley? Or would there be ethical issues too tricky to deal with?

  2. It’s a thought, but the problems I foresee are not ethical so much as practical. After all, what you are talking about it telepathy, presumably with the person’s higher self, much as we sometimes do in asking a person’s permission to do healing work on them. But the anxiety about doing it would be well-nigh suffocating, I should think. To coin a phrase: “I’m probably just making this up.” I’d be surprised if I could get much. You might try it, and if so, do let us know how you think it went.

  3. Ha. I have not had experiences like yours, no channeling. But I’ve enjoyed following your adventures.

  4. But I hope to encourage people who have not done it to try it (if it seems a good idea to them). A major focus of this site is — “it’s a human ability, you can do it too.”

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