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I realized, this morning, looking at this site, that I am throwing an awful lot of material at you in a short time. I also realized that it can be hard to follow a conversation when you come in on the middle of it, and hard to read and absorb material online. Also, it can be a nuisance to have to copy material from a blog so that you can examine it later.

So I decided that gradually I will take various threads and put each of them together into one long package and email them to those who want them. These will come to you free and you are free to do anything with them except sell them or take credit for them. For a start, I will put together “A New Model of Consciousness in Space and Time,” and I will accept suggestions as to what else to put together.

To be added to the list of those automatically receiving these packages, go to the page that says In Email Form.

3 thoughts on “Get it by email.

  1. No, not when it was just getting good! 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed reading your posts here on your blog. The use of tags has made it easy to keep up with what is what.

    The best part about it being online is that it is actually easier to follow it online. If one doesn’t get the emails, or signs up too late, all the previous entries are unavailable. When it is on the web, its easy to come into the middle of the conversation and catch up with the previous posts.

    I’ve mentioned feed readers to you before, Frank. Anyone can use one (like the free and aptly-named Feedreader: to keep up with blog posts in an orderly fashion. If you’d like a better way of keeping track of posts, nothing beats a feed reader.

    Please don’t leave your blog audience hanging! We like your posts!

    Your friend,

  2. I didn’t mean to imply that I would cease posting here, only that I would send threads by email in addition.

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