A New Model of Consciousness in Space and Time – 8

Sunday, January 22, 2006]

…8:50 a.m. I was about to see if finally I might feel like painting but realized I am feeling a slight depression, and it occurs to me, maybe because I haven’t done my accustomed work, which is coming to be a comfort to me day by day. As I write this I am aware of another train of thought running beneath, and see how impossible ever to say all we mean. So my friends maybe we should begin. What have you for me today?

A bit of advice, for one – you don’t need to begin at any given time. If you don’t feel quite awake, maybe you aren’t ready, even if on the previous day you were working before this.

I understand. And reading pointless mystery novels doesn’t help.

How can you know? It takes all sorts of things to make up a life, and you have found many valued attitudes and aptitudes as a result of reading what to many might have looked like pointless waste of time.

All right. So where were we headed?

We started by saying that when one is outside time-space, neither separation nor delayed consequences apply. Since you, we, everyone –everyone you are likely to meet while you are still in a body, we mean! – exist part in, part out of space-time, it is helpful if you realize that a vital part of your nature exists there. It will save you from the superstition of thinking you are an orphan of the universe, marooned without connection on a pointless and mysterious ride from nowhere to nowhere.

It will also make clear to you the nature of guidance as it may be experienced. And yes, of course take these entries, re-arrange them to remove our presence and put them into the book – they are meant to be the spine of the book, or anyway the part on guidance. Our deal, you will recall, is that we will provide the insight and knowledge and wisdom and you will do the work of recasting it and will accept the reward – which will follow, worry not.

So now you see your next step – and a welcome return to the composition that you enjoy and are good at. You in taking these entries will be able pretty easily to shape up the core of the guidance section, and then it is a matter of next steps for both sections – but you will have your core, your starting-place.

I do see it, at least in concept. Don’t know yet if it will actually work out all that easily. But I’ll see.

And don’t worry about taking time off if you feel so inclined. Don’t want to become a dull boy –

[Dull boy or not, this brought this long thread to an end, at least for now]

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