A New Model of Consciousness in Space and Time – 7

[Saturday, January 21, 2006]

(8:05) All right. So where are we going with this?

The purpose of the description of the way we see things is two-fold. For one, it helps you to get a clearer image of your situation, and for another, it sets the stage for the next step.

You are mixing metaphors pretty severely today, but I’m with you. What next step? And what happened to talking about (beyond demonstrating) guidance?

The next step is to move from description to tracing consequences. And those consequences involve a description of how and why you may develop access to guidance – conscious access we mean. Perhaps we should say, more conscious access, or even ever more conscious access. For it is potentially an unending process, or a process without an endpoint, whichever phrasing and nuance you prefer.

Your conversation yesterday was with a skilled professional psychic who can read cards and tea leaves with skill sufficient to be worthwhile – yet she envies you your access. This skill has been developed in going on 20 years of off-and-on effort. You are farther along than you sometimes think. We say this not for your self-esteem, though that is always a good cause for anyone, but so that you realize more fully that what you have to say will seem elementary to you but not perhaps to your audience, whether they are readers or listeners. In other words

Sorry – wandered, lost contact. You were saying?

When you speak of guidance you are describing what has become obvious to you is an everyday reality. It no longer is a matter of questioning and believing, for you, but of experiencing and probing for ever-deeper levels. Therefore there is some danger of your losing touch with your audience unless you hold in mind the fact that you are not the novice you think yourself.

All right. It is true, this seems very natural to me now.

Then we must lay the groundwork for people to see it that way. Not everyone will be able to do it blind and trusting. Many prefer at least a tentative outline of the territory, an excuse to begin, a theoretical sketch, anyway.

Okay, why do I hear David about to chime in? At least, I think I do? What makes the difference between a subject for “the guys” and one for an individual?

Can you not even feel the difference for the first time, laddie? It is like I am a higher tension wire, isn’t it? As Joseph Smallwood’s elements are heavy, steady, and even thinking of him changes the energy. Now, you see, it’s specialization by being as much as by skill or by experience. Some “rings” as you may now begin to call yourselves are at a higher frequency than others; some are at a lower frequency. Well think, are you in a body always the same, or do you go up and down even in the course of a session, let alone a day, let alone the time it takes to write a book, let alone a lifetime! So – as you change, you are in closer resonance to first one, than another, you see?

Now by definition you’ll not find any of your gentlemen upstairs outside your range of frequencies. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist – it means you’ll not find them! If something is outside your range – it’s outside your range, unless and until you extend your range, or change it, through “accident” or illness or the result of some life decision.

You see, who you contact is not so much a matter of when or who or where or what. You in a body are the focus of all things –from your viewpoint. And of course for each of us in our time it is the same. So I, David, can come to you, Frank, only as a disembodied voice, so to speak, and at your behest or – to state it more broadly – with your consent. But it is also true – and this is the reason for changing people’s view of time and space as constraints – that you can come to me in my time only as a disembodied voice at my behest and with my consent. For my time in the body did not pass away. Did not, does not, will not, can not. Except – it does from the point of view of the relative marker that moves bodies forward. There is only one “now” and there is only one “here” – from any given point of view. It is the confusing of the relative for an absolute that causes all the conceptual problems.

If you talk to Joseph in Egypt, or Bertram, or Joseph Smallwood, or Katrina or me or the German soldier you have yet to meet, or Evangeline whom you barely know – or any of the others – each of us is at a different frequency –

Well, it would be better to say each of us, as you, averages out to a given frequency. Electrical theory is no more my field than it is yours, so we’ll both hold firmly in mind that this is but an analogy – but if you were to say that each of the millions of threads that comprise you – or that you comprise; you may look at it either way, but the former seems closer to accurate from this side – if you assume that each of those threads vibrates at a given frequency, you might say – quite unscientifically, I have no doubt – that the sum of all of them, divided by the number of them, produces an average number that you might call your particular energetic signature. It should be clear that many people will have averages close to many others – and that average may have come from individual bundles of strands that are actually quite unlike.

That is, take two individuals whose signature is, say, 12. One may have come to 12 by adding 12, 13, 11 and dividing by three – this is a vastly simplified example – and another may have 5, 19, 2, 22 and divide by four. You see? The signatures are the same, and they can communicate easily. But the components of the signatures have little or no similarity to each other.

And you might just as easily have two individuals with very similar component characteristics whose signatures yet are too different for easy communication. And you may have those where neither components nor signatures are close, and those in which both are close.

You see these combinations all the time in your everyday life. Looked at just as an amusement – for I can think of no practical purpose you would put it to – you could keep this scheme in mind as you observe your interactions with your fellows day by day. Birds of a feather – but sometimes seemingly quite different kinds of birds find themselves strongly drawn together by a magnetism both inexplicable and undeniable.

This mix-and-match feature of physical existence allows the diversity and interchange of life to be vastly greater than it would be if we were to interact – that is, if our component threads were to interact – without being held within the ring of physical-matter existence.

In fact, without physical-matter reality to hold the rings and threads in intricate relationship, there would be no interaction at all. Every thing would sort to its own vibratory level and communicate only in slow-motion, so to speak, with whatever is adjacent. The sparkle, the flash, the fireworks – the unpredictable carom shots – all would not exist, would not be possible if they hadn’t been fashioned into patterns by earth-life – by which I mean life in physical matter.

The net result is that the connections of otherwise incompatible frequencies that occur when a life is put together to be lived in matter turn our nicely stratified, even, predictable non-physical reality into a swirl like marble cake, or like a kaleidoscope continually being shaken – and we love it! For energy is eternal delight, as has been observed.

It is true that on “this side” there is no movement; it is also true that on this side there is ultimate movement. It is only a matter of perspective. Oddly enough (from your perspective) the result is the same. No movement, infinite movement; same thing.

Our hidden agenda – not very hidden! – is to send you back to books on theology. If you will disregard the rules and attend to the descriptions, much will be seen in a different, far more productive, light. Theology is your guidebook to this presently overgrown path and field. Only – don’t take it as God’s rules for you; rather, as people’s records of their own experiences, put into words as best they can. Every new generation requires translation of the works and words of their predecessors and ancestors – doubly so when we are discussing the birth of a new civilization, which means a new way of relating to what is.

Tired now.

Yes, enough for now. More later.

[Final installment posts May 3]

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