The practical uses of guidance

Saturday, April 7, 2007

8 a.m. My friends, what have you to say about my blog, or self development by choice, or past lives, or your ongoing project working through me, or the price of eggs?

The more pointed the question, remember, the more pointed the answer. However, we take your question to be in effect “what is the thing you would most likely to know and perhaps to communicate today?”

Close enough. And the answer is?

We realize that it seems irresponsible even to you for you to be blogging without consideration of how that is to translate into income for you. But the operative word, as you like to say, is “seems.”

What is practical and what is not depends upon many factors, most of them hidden from you most of the time. That is why it is practical to rely upon the guidance, once you have sorted out your issues around “is it me downstairs or is this guidance?”

You are separated by time and by space and by the shell (call it) between yourself and any other. All of those things make it harder for you to calculate. How do you factor into your calculations things that are going to happen to you in the future — next month, say — that have cast no shadow before them? How can you take into account things happening across the world from you — or across the street! — that you don’t know about? How can you predict what others are doing, thinking, feeling that may lead them to affect your life?

The short answer is, you can’t.

The somewhat longer answer is, you can to some degree, by tuning your awareness — by “remote viewing” your life, so to speak. But you’ve seen how fragmentary a process that is. Why not do it the easy way and rely on the part of you that isn’t confined in one bit of time and space? And that is what guidance is — the course-corrections that are offered you from a perspective that takes into account the things that you can’t see or sense.

Why would you need guidance to help you count your spoons? You wouldn’t. The data is at your fingertips. But guidance is awfully handy when you need to get a hint as to which way to turn — which thread to follow — when the answer can’t be calculated by rational means.

And after all, what are hunches but spurts of accepted guidance? What is luck, but unconscious living in accordance with guidance?

A very persuasive case, if I needed persuading. I will pass it on, of course.

You have come to a new way of being that is firmly rooted in the old. That is the only way that grafting works. No firmly rooted stock, no base for the new to get its grip on life. That is the difference between your specific task and the task of others — psychics for instance. They can do it but they can’t not do it, they can’t remember not doing it, they can’t be frustrated by being unable to do it — and so they can’t be the bridge. You — among many others — can.

Yes that is what I am consciously attempting to do on my blog.

Of course. You of your own knowledge — which means to your reader “maybe I can get my own knowledge and judge whether he is right or wrong.” And when they get good at it they’ll realize that it is “when he is right and when he is wrong” and they’ll maybe escape Psychics Disease.

Well, I suppose that I have demonstrated that I am willing to blog pretty tirelessly with no prospect of it producing income. I’ve posted well into May already, with them set to detonate (as I like to think of it) at the rate of two a day. Chasing Smallwood is already up to post 46.

Is it work or fun?

I am not conscious of a distinction, in this case. It is a hell of an effort, and very satisfying. And this is a post in itself.

3 thoughts on “The practical uses of guidance

  1. Frank,

    For what it is worth — you do give me hope that eventually I can reach my guidance as you reach your guidance. There may be days that you feel like you contribute nothing and you question why you are doing it, but rest assured that it is not in vain.

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