Dion Fortune

Dion Fortune (Violet Firth) was a 20th-century English woman who was a member of the Order of the Golden Dawn and founder of the Society of the Inner Light. She was a serious occultist, apparently a great teacher, and a continuing influence on our society, although not particularly well-known outside of metaphysical circles. She was the author of many valuable nonfiction books, but here I want to call your attention to her six novels.

I will never forget the impact of beginning to read The Secrets of Dr. Taverner. I was in awe. I had had no idea that anyone could write this way. Reading it was like eavesdropping as one initiate spoke to another.

Of her novels, I like The Sea Priestess best, and its sequel, Moon Magic. but The Goat-foot God, and The Demon Lover, and The Winged Bull are equally good. She uses the novel as a teaching tool, and does it superbly.

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