Feedback from Nancy on Frank’s remote viewing

Nancy asked me in an email to post this on her behalf, which I am glad to do. She neglects to say that she has had years of experience at CRV, training with Paul Smith. Frank

Greetings from Frank’s monitor, Nancy. Frank is writing a wonderful report on what he experienced at the recent RV workshop at TMI. I was so impressed with his first drawings and felt that he could have stopped on the first page and the assigned judges could have easily chosen the correct target out of four possibilities.

While I have taken classes in Extended Remote Viewing, I have used Controlled Remote Viewing most of the time. I would like to suggest that what we were doing for target practice resembled Associate Remote Viewing in that there was a possibility of four pictures, not just one.

When your target is one picture and only one, then the need for judges as we experienced them is removed. I prefer CRV when I am doing one target as I feel that it leads me beyond the gestalt drawings into more in-depth meaning of the target. Also, CRV is easier to accomplish when working alone.

So, if you were at the workshop, contemplate what it would mean to describe one target with only the feedback picture as the judge of your session. It is similar to ARV, and yet not.

The method Skip chose, however, did provide us with lots of learning experiences as the judge, monitor, and viewer. In my opinion, it was a great workshop, with great people, in a great place!


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